beautiful plus size model in black calvin klein underwear is posing on a bed
Photo: Jennifer Enujiugha

Real beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Therefore, there is no need to hide what Mother Nature gifted you with under the layers of baggy monochrome clothing. Curvy ladies look absolutely fantastic in tight-fitting outfits, and thanks to the plus-size fashion trends, every woman can look and feel stylish. Those bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, and tight jeans were made for curvaceous beauties!

Of course, there are few fashion weapons, that will help you to accentuate your curvy silhouette, making the fuller figure even more appealing. I'm talking about special plus-size shapewear. And there is only one simple rule, that will help you to choose your ideal plus size shapewear ‒ know your body type. Correctly chosen plus-size shapewear will step up your fashion game and boost your confidence. Are you ready to find out which plus-size shapewear will be the best for your body type?

Best Shapewear for Plus Size Apple Body

Apple-shaped bodies have broad, rounded shoulders, and full breasts, and carry most of their weight on the tummy. Arms and legs are usually slim, and beautifully shaped, the hips and booty of average size. Celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Catherine Zeta-Jones have apple-shaped figures. If you also have an apple body type but want more of an hourglass shape to your figure, opt for shapewear with a tummy control area, which has an extra layer of special fabrics that tighten the tummy, providing support and compression. High-waist panties, shaping short or plus size shapewear bodysuit with the tummy-control area and the right type of compression will help you to rock any outfit with confidence.

Best Shapewear for Plus Size Pear Body

Ladies with pear body shapes have petite breast sizes, narrow shoulders, and tiny waists. The majority of the weight pear wears on her hips, booty, and legs, sometimes on the lower abdomen. Kim Kardashian is one of the most iconic representatives of pear body shapes. If your lower body part prevails over the top and you want to balance your figure, make your choice in favor of body-shaping leggings and shorts. They will slim your thighs, tame the tummy area and smooth any unwanted volume. An online retailer Loverbeauty has one of the most comfortable and easy-to-wear shapewear pieces for plus-size beauties with pear body types.

Best Shapewear for Plus Size Hourglass Body

If you have a naturally slim waist, proportioned hip, and bust area, and an overall balanced figure, then you can consider yourself lucky because you have a dream-worthy hourglass body shape. Most women crave to have hourglass curves and try to balance their figures according to this standard. Hourglass ladies can wear anything they want and look fabulous in any outfit. Still, if you feel like you need a little control here or there, pick a light or medium compression body shaper that will support your breast area, slim down your tummy, and beautifully emphasize your hourglass figure.

Best Shapewear for Plus Size Rectangle Body

Rectangle body types usually have little to no waist definition, small breasts, and hips, and the weight is distributed evenly on the arms, legs, and torso. If you have a rectangle plus size figure and want to add more definition to your waist and shape the curves the bodysuit shapewear for the rectangle body will have a padded booty area and extra latex control around the waist and tummy area. Booty pads not only enhance the buttocks area but also lift it up and add more volume, while high compression around the waistline will size it down instantly.

Best Shapewear for Plus Size Inverted Triangle Body

If you tend to gain more weight in the upper part of your body and have broad shoulders and large breasts combined with narrow hips, then you have a classic inverted triangle body shape. This body type is often called 'athletic' and the best way to balance such a figure is to add volume to the hips and bum. Full bodysuits with long sleeves or specially designed contour boleros will reduce the unwanted volume on the arms and back area, providing the necessary compression.

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