Photo: Roberto Hund

There are always some areas of our bodies we want to have extra control of. For some of us, it is the thigh inner thigh area, for others – upper arm or buttocks. For me, it is the tummy and waist. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. We are all unique, our bodies are different, and we are beautiful in our way! Thankfully, for the moments when we require more control over these areas, we can get it with the help of shapewear. 

Nonetheless, hunting for the right shapewear piece with the optimal level of compression, style, and color is always confusing. Especially, if you are new to the whole concept of shapewear. There is a huge amount of various pieces on the marketplace. To make your choice a little faster and easier, I've gathered up five wonderful wholesale shapewear pieces. You can wear them whenever you need to shape the waistline and support the tummy. 

#1. Seamless Shapewear Thongs

The shapewear thongs are a unique undergarment piece. It combines both supporting abilities and sexy appeal. A high-waisted design with the double-layer of elastic fabric beautifully smoothes the tummy area. It also seamlessly conceals muffin tops, making your waist appear slimmer. This is a perfect variant if you need comfortable everyday shapewear.

#2. Waist Trainer

Next on the list is one of the most controversial shapewear pieces. Still, this doesn't make it the least popular! A waist trainer is a type of shapewear used to slim the waistline. Usually, it is made of thick synthetic fabric and features metal boning. Wholesale waist trainers with logo are worn around the waistline and can be used even during a workout session to improve the results. A slim belly and waistline are guaranteed!

#3. High Waist Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts is yet another popular shapewear piece. No wonder, as they are super comfortable, and fit everyone with no exceptions. The high-waist band is designed to comfortably slim your waistline, flatten the tummy, and support thighs. The breathable fabric, lined with mesh, will keep you comfortable and breezy.

#4. Shaping Tank Top

One of the most versatile shapewear pieces that you'll be able to rock daily with comfort is the shaping tank top. Shapewear tank tops come in all colors, styles, and shapes. The wide tank straps will provide extra support for large breasts without hurting the shoulders and will hide the straps of the bra. Choose the optimal level of compression for you to have the maximum control over the tummy.

#5. Shapewear Bodysuit

And, lastly, a few words about the shapewear bodysuit, which must become an essential undergarment piece. Comfortable and seamless, this shapewear works on a few areas at once: reduces the size of volume on the waist, smoothes the belly, sculpts the buttocks, and provides exceptional support for the breast. If you are looking for the ultimate shapewear piece, then a bodysuit is exactly what you need.

Lots of love,