three women in three different jeans styles
Photo: Kailey Sniffin

It is no secret that fashion trends tend to come, and go, and then make a return. But, what is even more impressive, is how denim jeans always stay on top of the fashion game. If you would ask a fashion expert about one item, which will always be a staple in everyone's wardrobe, it would be a pair of universally flattering jeans. It is no wonder, as they become more than just a piece you wear casually. You can wear a pair of your favorite jeans anywhere from the official event, to a romantic date.

Naturally, denim jeans come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Some of these styles are more relaxed, while others hold you in strict arms of the latest fashion tendencies. However, unlike designers' imagination, our wardrobes and financial sources are not limitless. There are only a few jeans styles that you actually need to have in your wardrobe for diversity and comfort. Here are the top 10 jeans styles, which you can choose from, and a fashion guide that will help you to adapt these styles to your liking.

#1. Straight-leg Jeans

Let's start with one of the most popular styles — the straight jeans aka the cigarette jeans. These jeans have a tight fit in the thigh and buttocks area and the same calf width from the knee right to the bottom hem. The straight jeans give a 'streamline' effect to the silhouette. They are often shorter than other styles, reaching an inch or two above the ankle.

How to Style?

Wear your straight-leg jeans with ankle boots or mules. High-rise cigarette jeans look fantastic with a white tee or a ruffled off-shoulder crop top. If you are looking for a twist look further than the basic style. Look for jeans models with cutouts, embellishments, and fun colors.

beautiful woman in skinny jeans is posing in a field
Photo: Petra Bauman

#2. Skinny Jeans

Despite all of the negative fashion predictions, skinny jeans aren't going to disappear any time soon. Probably one of the most popular jeans styles, skinnies are tight-fitting from the waist all the way to the ankles. They create a very sleek, fashionable look and are a true staple for fashionistas.

How to Style?

The beauty of skinny jeans style is that it doesn't have to be a high-end brand to look great, in fact, many of the cheap women jeans look just as great in an outfit. Style them with a pair of stiletto heels, and a cropped jacket. A soft, cashmere sweater with skinny jeans and knee-high boots is a great outfit idea for a more casual look.

#3. Boyfriend Jeans

The next style took over the planet in the past five years and became just as popular as skinny jeans. But, unlike the restraining fit of skinnies, boyfriend jeans offer more comfort and breeze. Thanks to their relaxed cut on the legs and baggy fit on the hips, boyfriend jeans look fantastic on every figure. My personal favorites are the high-waist boyfriend jeans, but low-rise models look just as great.

How to Style? 

Boyfriend jeans are super easy to style. It won't be a big of a problem for you to build a basic, casual look around them. For example, you can roll up the hems, wear a pair of chunky sandals and a loose blouse for an incredibly comfortable outfit. Wear a pair of fishnets underneath your jeans to add a twist to the look.

beautiful woman in fit and flare pink jeans and a tee is posing on a street

#4. Fit & Flare Jeans

Have you ever heard of the fit and flare jeans? They are also known as bell-bottoms. This style was trendy in the '60s and '70s and was spotted on every top celebrity of the decade including Cher, Jimmy Hendrix, and Agnetha Fältskog. They are figure-fitting around things and the waist area, and, starting from the knee and until the bottom, they form a bell-like shape.

How to Style?

The fit and flare jeans are one of the biggest trends this season. The recycled Chloé jeans look simply fantastic, but if you are searching for more affordable options check the wholesale jeans stores. You will be able to look trendy without breaking your budget.

#5. Mom Jeans

High-waisted and ankle-length denim jeans, widely known by the slang name 'mom jeans', are a fashion phenomenon. Popularized in the '90s and considered old-fashioned in the past, mom jeans have triumphed over the fashion market in the last few years. This jeans style is characterized by the super high-waist, which goes above the navel, solid color, and large pockets and zipper.

How to Style?

For a semi-casual look wear your mom jeans with a pair of printed ankle boots and a button-up white shirt. If you are looking to style your jeans more casually, go for a pair of ugly sneakers, and a basic white or black tee. Oversized jackets and hoodies also go well with the style of these jeans.

beautiful woman in wide leg jeans and crop top is posing on a street

#6. Wide Leg Jeans

Next comes another favorite of mine — the wide leg jeans. This jean style gained its popularity in the past few seasons and has definitely won a very special place in my heart. Wholesale jeans suppliers have also supported this trend, providing buyers with the best prices on the market. The wide leg jeans create a peculiar silhouette with a relatively tight fit on the waist or hips (depending on the rise) and the gradually wide legs. 

How to Style?

Wide leg jeans give you even more room for breathing than boyfriends, and it makes them the perfect demi-season jeans. Cropped tops, jackets, and hoodies look exceptionally cool with this style, 'splitting' the look into a few sections. Sneakers and even high heels also work well, depending on the overall style of your outfit.

#7. Capri Jeans

You can love them or hate them, but the capri jeans style exists, and it is widely loved by fashionistas. Capri jeans can be any length: starting below the knee or ankle. Usually, their length stops somewhere mid-calf. These are some of the most controversial jean styles. Capri jeans are not easy to style and wear, they may look unflattering, but I had to include them in this list.

How to Style?

The length of capri jeans makes them great for the hotter period of the year. Wear them with your favorite high or low sandals, a beach hat, and a straw bag. A pair of flats with a loose sweater will create a more formal look, while a pair of slip-on shoes and a baggy tee will make a great relaxed style. 

beautiful woman in bootcut jeans is posing on a street
Photo: Marcel Strauß

#8. Bootcut Jeans

The famous bootcut jeans style is characterized by the shape of the lower part of the leg and hem: they are long and slightly flared on the ankle. Like most of the previous jeans styles, the bootcut jeans were popular in the '90s and returned to the top. The reason for such popularity is hiding in the versatility of bootcut jeans.

How to Style?

Wear them with practically anything: from combat and cowboy boots to chunky sneakers and platform shoes. Draw your inspiration with the relaxed bohemian and hippie styles to find the matching tops and accessories.

#9. Jogger Jeans

Generally speaking, jogger pants are a kind of relaxed-fit pants that are lightweight and comfortable. They were designed for leisure and sport activity. The main feature of the jogger jeans is the tight fit around the ankles, often supported with elastic bands. These jeans are perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

How to Style?

Style your jogger jeans just like you would style regular jogger pants — with athleisure pieces and shoes. If you want to step away from your comfort zone, pair them with high-heeled sandals and a loose top. Glittering accessories are welcome to this ensemble!

woman in jeggings in posing in a studio

#10. Jeggings

And, lastly, a few words about the jeggings. Jeggings are a type of leggings made of denim. They fit tightly on the waists, thighs, and legs, mimicking yoga pants or leggings. Introduced to the mass market in the late '2000s, jeggings are both comfortable and very easy to style. They often feature a couple of faux pockets, washed designs,s and patterns. 

How to Style?

As you have already guessed, jeggings are styled similarly to leggings and skinny jeans. They are a great option for an everyday, casual look. You can pair your jeggings with a loose and long top, that covers the hips or throw on a librarian cardigan. Loafers, flats, and athletic shoes will make your casual outfit even more comfortable. 

The Takeaway

Whether you prefer a pair of figure-hugging skinnies or baggy and breezy denim jeans, we are free to choose what is the best for our wardrobes and our styles. I would strongly recommend you to give a try to something new, and not stick up with your favorite oldies. Who knows, what will the next fashion season hold for us? When you are prepared for a little change, you are ready to face the fashion future in all its wonderful glory.

Lots of love,