woman in fall outfit is chilling next to a river under the tree
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Despite my love for everything minimalistic and practical, with every new season of the year, I often find myself browsing brand new trends, offered to us by fashion gods and goddesses. Some of these trends are pretty wearable, while others can't be incorporated into our daily lives with ease. If you can't find a happy middle way between an extravagant approach and wearability, then welcome to my today's post. Here I gathered some of the chicest, yet casual fall/winter 2020/2021 fashion trends, which you'll love wearing during the colder period of the year. Is there anything I've missed?

woman in a cropped blazer

Cropped Blazer

I doubt there is anything more chic and casual than a cropped blazer. It combined the best of both worlds: elegance and sophistication, together with the simplicity of shape and cut. If you want to give your turtleneck sweater with high-waisted jeans a new look, try layering a cropped top over the outfit. I promise you'll love the final ensemble. You can also wear it less convenient, yet sexier way, over the bralette or top.

wman in an oversized sorbet pink hoodie

Pastel Pink

According to Harper's Bazaar, pastel pale shades of pink are going to be trendy this fall, so don't miss the chance to rock it in your look. My personal favorite ‒ is a nontrivial combination of something cute and girly with oversized pieces. For example, a very cute sorbet pink hoodie, which is both warm and stylish, is a great variant for a fall evening. Wear it with distressed jeans and chunky sneakers.

woman in a pleated skirt

Pleated Skirt

The next fall/winter trend, which stood through the whole summer and slowly migrated into late fall and even winter trends is the pleated skirt. The advantage of a classic pleated skirt is clear ‒ it is simple in styling, it goes with any accessories and shoes and everyone can pull off a pleated skirt in an outfit. Another little advantage is that you don't have to buy an expensive designer skirt, you can find cheap clothing online store and wear it with other fashionable elements.

woman wearing a knit vest

Knit Vest

Who said that vests aren't good to be trendy? I adore cozy, slightly old-fashioned pieces, especially if they are real vintage. So, if you haven't borrowed your granny's knit vest, then you have to hurry up. This fall/winter season outmoded vests are going to rule the fashion world. Try giving it your own, fresh approach and you won't take it off for nothing.

woman wearing tartan overalls


Overalls, rompers, and onesies are always welcomed into our wardrobes. It is hard to find something more comfortable and stylish at the same time. Of course, overalls can be just as classy and chic as any other piece. You can even wear a pair of overalls into the office if you properly choose the model and style them. There is also a whole bunch of stylish wholesale plus-size clothing for ladies with gorgeous curves. 

woman in a gray sweater and jeans

Gray Weather

And lastly, I would like to mention the simple color gray, which can look absolutely fantastic or casual, depending on your personal choice of style. I prefer a union of a few different shades of gray in one ultimate gray weather outfit. A simple office suite with wide-legged pants or a pencil skirt is going to look absolutely fascinating. If you are not into monochrome outfits, you can add some bright elements to this look.

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