woman in sportswear works out at home
Photo: Rawan Yasser

Workout clothing deserves just as much attention and thorough selection, as everyday wear. Just imagine, that you are going to spend 15 minutes to a few hours of your life actively fighting with calories and shaping your body into perfection. Sounds convincing, isn't it? Whether you prefer calm yoga exercises or can't live a day without a Zumba class, you are going to want to spend this time in comfort. Every little detail of your outfit has to support and help your body during this journey. Here is the top must-have workout wear you'll want to have for a comfortable home or gym workout session. Let's start!

#1. Sports Bra

Of course, I have to start with the sports bra, because it is an absolute must-have item for every active woman. While you actively exercise, for example, run or jump, breasts tend to bounce, which is uncomfortable and even painful. Unlike your regular bra or sexy bralette, a sports bra provides extra support for the breasts, restricting their movement. Plus, you can wear your comfortable sports bra any day of the week, they are so much for comfortable than regular bras. FeelinGirl has some cute sports bras on sale.

#2. Gym Leggings or Shorts

The next must-have item is optional ‒ you can either choose leggings or go with short or midi shorts. This usually depends on the weather condition and your own preference. Just keep in mind that both leggings and shorts must be comfortable, sit tight on your body, and do not roll up or fall down. While working out you can't be bothered with the little inconveniences like so.

woman in waist trainer

#3. Thigh & Waist Trimmer

Thigh and waist trimmer is a special "belt" that you wear around your waist, tummy, and thighs during workout sessions. It is made from a synthetic material, that promotes heat production. This makes you lose water and excessive fat in the abdominal area and inner thigh area. All of this contributes to weight loss and tightens up the loose skin.

#4. Workout T-shirt

A breathable, loose t-shirt must be the second most important item for the gym and home workout activities. Some of you may prefer synthetic tees, but I'm a loyal fan and promoter of thin, cotton t-shirts. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton promotes air circulation between your body and the environment around you. This means less sweat and less heat. Moreover, cotton absorbs moisture, therefore you won't be dripping sweat all over the gym floor. Just wash your workout t-shirt at the end of the session and it is as good as new.

woman in waist trainer

#5. Waist Trainer

There is an alternative item, which works the same as the thigh and waist trimmer but only for your waist and tummy. It is widely used and dearly loved by celebrities with waist trainers for women. As I already said, it works just like a trimmer, heating up your body, and removing excess water and fat. But, the waist trainer works on a smaller area, and the main idea behind this item is an hourglass figure shape.

#6. Leg Warmers

Opted out for shorts? Then you have to invest in leg warmers. They come in millions of styles and colors, look super cute, and keep your muscles warm. Of course, if you don't like the whole idea of leg warmers or consider them to be an anti-trend, then you can go for knee or thigh-high gym socks.

#7. Gym Sneakers

And, lastly, I would like to mention a pair of comfortable, laceless sneakers. Pick a pair, which will fit your type of activity: Crossfit, rock-climbing, running, and others. The model should be light, breathable, and should perfectly fit your foot size. Don't forget to wash them just as regularly, as you would wash any other workout wear to keep those bacteria and fungi away.

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