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For as long as I can remember, I have always loved fall. It is hands down my favorite time of the year, a time when the nights are getting longer, and days are not sizzling hot anymore. And that's how you know that a charming sweater weather season is approaching. Have you already started to prepare your wardrobe for the fall makeover? To motivate you for the seasonal change, I have gathered 10 fall wardrobe essentials that will complete your capsule wardrobe. 

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What Are the 10 Clothing Essentials to Add to Fall Wardrobe?

  • Sweater

Let's be, with the one and only, master of cold weather, his majesty sweater. It is probably the most popular piece of clothing, which everyone has and loves to wear. If you invest in a good-quality sweater, you'll be able to wear it anywhere and with anything, almost all year around. I would suggest having at least two sweaters in your capsule wardrobe: a thin, black sweater with a v-neck made from soft wool, or cashmere; and an oversized nude, gray, or brown chunky-knit sweater.

  • Closed-Toe Heels

If you aren't a fan of heading into the colder time of the year, you should remember that the fall season has plenty of warm days. It is not just about the rain, wind, and the annoying common cold. A pair of closed-toe heels will be a perfect option for early fall days. My personal favorites are the vintage-style mary jane pumps with a rounded toe and strap that goes around the instep. They look very sophisticated, even paired with an oversized blazer or biker jacket.

  • Ankle Boots

A pair of comfy ankle boots can go a long way. Styled with a pair of skinny jeans, wide-legged pants, or even a short skirt. You can opt for embroidered boots for women this fall season, which can be styled in so many cool ways. Embroidery is definitely one of those micro trends that take even the most basic piece of clothing to a new level of class.

  • Large Bag

So, you picked up your makeup kit, gathered all documents, packed up some healthy snacks, took a bottle of water, folded your scarf in case of cold wind, and there is no more space left in your purse? Unfortunately, the fall season is not the right time for the micro bag trend, but you can finally fill your favorite large-capacity tote to the top. I wear my oversized tote bag exclusively in the fall.

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  • Cardigan

As much as I love sweaters, I guess a cardigan would be my favorite fall piece. First of all, a cardigan is an essential layering piece that transforms the whole outfit in no time. Secondly, cardigans come in various colors, styles, and even shapes. From thin and sleek floor-length cardigans for warmer weather to cropped, chunky-knit cardigans with hoods for colder occasions.

  • Hat

The beginning of the fall season is the ideal time to change your summery cotton flat cap to a felt fedora. Unlike summer hats, which protect your head from the sun, fall, and winter hats are all about the warmth of your ears. Plus, they can add an interesting twist to the everyday outfit making it simply unforgettable.

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  • Oversized Blazer

If a cardigan seems too thin for your climate, pick a versatile oversized blazer that can match your ankle boots, sneakers, and other pieces in your fall wardrobe. The best thing about a blazer is that it can be effortlessly paired with other clothing. It goes well with massive sneakers, ankle boots, and elegant heels. Can be worn casually, styled for a business meeting, or even bring a sporty twist to your look.

  • Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a wonderful option for the days when you don't feel like pondering your fashion moves, and simply want to look stylish, and beautiful. But the biggest advantage of the sweater dress is its coziness. It is just like your favorite sweater, but it is longer and warmer! Wear a fall sweater dress with a pair of thick pantyhose, and ankle boots, and don't forget to bring the brightest purse from your collection.

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  • Infinity Scarf

If you still don't have at least one infinity scarf in your arsenal, then hurry up to add it to your fall shopping list. An infinity scarf, also known as a circle scarf, is a loop of fabric that goes around your neck, and just like a regular scarf, protects you from the cold weather. With a scarf like this, you can stop inventing new ways to tie it around your neck! 

  • Wide-leg Pants

I know that wide-leg pants don't sound like an ideal variant for everyone, but they are more approachable in styling than you might think at first. Unlike skinny jeans, wide-leg pants are more comfortable. Due to their loose nature, they will keep your legs warm, bringing elegance and poshness to your wardrobe.


That was a huge post, sorry for dragging it for so long! Summarizing it, I would strongly recommend you carefully select versatile and timeless pieces for your fall wardrobe. Remember to include staples like a cozy sweater, classic denim, a versatile coat, and statement accessories to elevate your autumn looks. With these essentials in your wardrobe, you'll navigate the fall season with ease, confidence, and impeccable fashion sense. 

Lots of love,