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One significant thing about modern fashion is the numerous alternatives it gives in terms of appearance. There’s a wide range of options if your goal is to appear formal or casual. This also includes the different pairs of eyeglasses available on the market.

There are different types of glasses with various shapes, colors, designs, and styles. However, people wear glasses most times for either of 2 reasons – to make a fashion statement or for prescription purposes. And that’s why Scott Harris is the best collection to get your eyewear from.

The collection caters to everyone including those with visual impairment. So, if you have some visual problems, you don’t just get a pair of glasses (alongside some prescription lenses) that help with your condition. You also get one stylish enough to fit your fashion needs.

a close-up portrait of a beautiful young woman in trendy eyeglasses

The Different Fashion Styles Of Scott Harris Frames

Scott Harris collection is home to in-vogue, trending spectacles, and here are ways it has redefined fashion for men and women.

  • The Round Frames

Spectacles with small, round glasses are among the trendy eyewear fashion styles in 2023 and the Scott Harris collection is home to many of these. Many men and women prefer the look this pair of eyeglasses gives them as it enhances their facial features.

Plus, it’s an ideal shape if you suffer from a visual impairment. Examples of spectacles with round frames in the Scott Harris collection include the Vintage 23 and Vintage 51. Round-frame glasses also give off this air of responsibility.

  • The Metal/Wire Frames

Old folks used these types of glasses more in the past, but currently, the younger age bracket is beginning to see it as something worth embracing. It’s now more fashionable among younger people.

With a metal frame in classic metallic colors, it can create a minimalist illusion effect and this really helps those with prescriptions. Plus, thin lenses work really well with metal frames.

Examples of such glasses in Scott Harris include the Vintage 48 and SH-822.

  • Geometric Frames

The geometric Scott Harris frames are among the best on the market. They are named this way because of the shapes they take- which could be octagonal or hexagonal. It’s quite fitting for different casual occasions and it gives your face a great look.

Examples of such glasses in Scott Harris collection include: the SH-320 and SH-708.

  • The Square Frames

Square frames are also among the trendy styles in eyewear fashion and they really soften round faces and make them look good. Currently, square frames come with more rounded angles and this makes it even more stylish.

Examples of such glasses you’ll find in Scott Harris collection include: the SH-726 C3 and SH-634 C2 eyeglasses.

a portrait of a woman in trendy eyeglasses

Things to Consider When Choosing Frames for Your Glasses

Eyewear fashion also demands discretion as you need to choose frames that fit. Here are tips you must consider when choosing frames for your eyeglasses.

  • Face Shape

Your face’s shape is one of the things that determine the frames to pick.

Round face: Square and rectangular frames fit round faces. Why? They accentuate the face’s features and make your face appear even slimmer. This helps in keeping your face balanced. Ditch round frames as it’ll just make your face rounder.

Square face: Better to use frames that sit high on the bridge of the nose if you have a square face. Why? It gives a perfect angularity and it looks great that way. However, avoid square frames. It’ll make your angular features obvious in a funny way.

Diamond face: Diamond faces appear better on round/oval frames. These types of frames accentuate your cheekbones and soften your look. On the other hand, you should avoid using square frames if you have a diamond face as it doesn’t enhance the narrow features of your face. Rather it draws more attention to it in a somewhat negative way.

  • Your Skin Tone

This is also important in choosing frames. You must ensure you select ones that match your skin color and tone.

Warm complexion: Warm complexion includes those with yellow, golden cast, and bronze undertones. And it doesn’t go with white and black or pastel colors. Rather, colors that suit this complexion type are beige, olive green, light tortoise, and the like.

Cool Complexion: Cool complexion includes skin undertones such as blue and pink. Colors that go well with this complexion are pink, purple, mauve, gray, black, silver, and black tortoise.

Final Thoughts...

Scott Harris has indeed revolutionized eyewear fashion and you can now see the world in a brand new style. Modern fashion gives you more options for appearing your best. And the Scott Harris collection is home to in-vogue eyewear fashion styles and trends.

With the advancement of the fashion industry, glasses aren’t just worn for prescription purposes alone but also to make a fashion statement.

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