beautiful woman in a brown summer dress
Photo: Tatev Arsh

As we are making our way into the spring and summer seasons, it might be a great idea to start refreshing our wardrobes, bringing in some new energy. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking toward more basic outfits. Something neutral and minimalist that won’t restrict movements and, at the same time, will be cooling on a hot day.

Of course, spring and summer fashion seasons are all about vibrant colors and bold accessories. Playing around with colors and unusual combinations is fun, but nothing can be compared with the comfort of a plain floor-length dress. Unfortunately, the simplicity of basic outfits is often underestimated.

Well, if you share the same fashion thoughts, I’ve got you covered! In today’s post, with the help of the Noracora store, I’ve gathered up 10 simple looks that will surely please your inner minimalist. Thus, if you are in urgent need of some summer outfit inspiration feel free to draw your inspiration here. These low-key summer looks include basics like boyfriend jeans, white tees, and a shirt-dress, which you can wear for any occasion.

woman wearing Linen Pants and Cropped Boat Neckline Top

#1. Linen Pants + Cropped Boat Neckline Top

Every fashionista knows why linen is the best fabric for summer looks. The linen is soft, and breezy, and goes well with other clothing in the capsule wardrobe. Create a casual summer outfit with a pair of high-rise linen pants, pairing them with sandals and a cropped top.

woman in a Ankle-length White Dress

#2. Ankle-length White Dress

Flowing summer dresses will allow you to stay cool and stylish with minimum fashion effort. Pick a relaxed-fit dress made from natural fabric. Strappy sandals and simple accessories will complete this simple look.

woman wearing Oversized White Tee and Boyfriend Jeans

#3. Oversized White Tee + Boyfriend Jeans

Is there anything more comfortable than an oversized shirt? It is truly an essential summer item that will allow you to build countless outfits. You can start with a pair of high-waist boyfriend jeans, kitten-heel sandals, and a nude strappy top. 

woman wearing High-waist Flare Shorts with Polka Dot Blouse

#4. High-waist Flare Shorts + Polka Dot Blouse

Another way to maintain a minimal look this summer is to wear high-waist flare shorts with a white blouse. The blouse can be simply white or covered in a simple pattern like stripes or polka dots. The total white looks are perfect to wear in the summer and can be easily mixed with the other basic pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

woman wearing Mini Floral Dress

#5. Mini Floral Dress

The floral pattern was made for summer! It may not look too basic, but it is easy to incorporate into the look. Create the cutest summer outfit based on adorable floral dresses. It can be mini, medium, or floor-length, the choice is all yours. For the feet – ´pumps, flats, or a pair of cozy sneakers.

woman in a Beige Shirt and Below the Knee Skirt look

#6. Beige Tee + Below the Knee Skirt

Looking for a sleek semi-casual summer look based on your favorite satin skirt? Tuck in a basic t-shirt and find matching beige shoes to complete the outfit. Make sure to keep your jewelry on the moderate side to keep the relaxed vibe of the look.

woman wearing Black T-shirt and Casual Shorts outfit

#7. Black T-shirt + Casual Shorts

A simple black T-shirt is often underrated, especially in the summer. Black color attracts the sunrays, therefore we tend to avoid wearing it. Try choosing the thinnest and most lightweight cotton material and wear such a t-shirt with mid-thigh length casual shorts. Timeless rattan sandals are going to be a great addition to the look.

woman in a Wide-legged Jumpsuit outfit

#8. Wide-legged Jumpsuit

Every summer wardrobe needs a breezy and comfy jumpsuit. Whether it is a mini playsuit to wear at home, a jeans jumpsuit to work in the garden, or a classy semi-formal piece, it is a must-have. Pair your jumpsuit with a pair of matching heels and a simple handbag for a minimal and chic outfit.

woman in a Knit Top and White Skirt look

#9. Knit Top + White Skirt

Knit summer pieces are going to be super trendy this beach season. However, this doesn't mean you have to wear knit clothes strictly at the seaside. Try styling your relaxed top with a simple floor-length skirt. A pair of opened-toe heels or sandals and a black bag for a laid-back finish.

woman on a white background in White Tank Top and Denim Jeans look

#10. White Tank Top + Denim Jeans

The easiest way to rock a pair of your favorite denim jeans is to partner them with a white tank top. For the colder time of the day, throw a cotton cardigan over your shoulders. Make sure to wear practical shoes and a bag, to make this minimalist summer look even more relaxed.

Let's summarize...

Hey, lovelies, how did you like today's compilation? I feel like these outfits allow you to feel comfortable and chic while exuding a timeless sense of fashion. Whether it's a breezy linen dress, a classic white t-shirt paired with high-waisted shorts, or a monochromatic jumpsuit, these minimalist ensembles prove that less is indeed more. So what do you think?

Lots of love,