a close-up picture of a woman wearing jewelry and lit by the sunlight from the window
Photo: Saeed Anahid

How do you wear jewelry? As a side piece to an excellent outfit? Or as part of the main event itself? Because both can work, but the latter is always going to look the best. And it’s very easy to learn how to incorporate a subtle bangle or necklace as well! Even when it’s getting warm and you want to keep your skin as clear and cool as possible, dressing up with a few accessories is key to taking your outfit to the next level. You’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin, and you’ll feel well on your way to a million dollars as well! And with that in mind, here are the best subtle jewelry pieces for the job.

A Statement Belt

Belts can be worn at any time, even if you don’t need them to tighten a pair of trousers or shorts to your body. However, you can even put a belt on when you’re wearing a shirt and skirt combo, as well as a dress - it’ll certainly make a statement, and can really help you to broadcast the great figure you’re rocking!

a close-up picture of a woman wearing statement belt
Photo: Александр Ляхнович

A statement belt is usually one of bold color, or it has a big metal loop to it. Either way, you can pair either type very well with flatter colors in your outfits, or even with patterns that need breaking up before flowing into each other.

A Piercing

A piercing, despite common perception, can be incredibly subtle. They’ll always add a little bit of impact to your look, but they can soon fade into your look as a whole - that’s a great combo for anyone who wants to go heavy on their accessories!

And if you’re looking to wear more loose-fitting or cropped tops shortly, investing in titanium belly rings can help to make your exposed skin feel less like negative space. Adding a visual element to the strip between your top and bottoms can tie the outfit together, and can be mixed and matched well with all other pieces you’re wearing.

a close-up picture of a woman's hand with a silver watch on it
Photo: Laura Chouette

A Silver Watch

A watch is a very useful accessory to have on you at all times, and it also works as a great jewelry piece. It becomes part of a normal, casual outfit in the same way it can uplift a formal dress or suit, and that makes it a very versatile bit of kit for your wardrobe.

Indeed, a metal band watch will always look best when matched with other dark and/or metallic colors, such as black and blue, or white and grey. However, silver is the most versatile of the metal colors, and even when you’d rather a gold watch be paired with that yellow top or red dress, a silver watch will also work!

If you want to uplift an outfit, you don't have to fork out for something special. Some subtle jewelry will do the trick just fine, and you can wear them any way you like.

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