Juicy Summer 2020 Fashion Trends To Drive Away Pandemic Melancholy by Liz Breygel on January Girl blog.

Summer 2020 is going to be one of the most unusual summers in the 21st century. Personally, I have never experienced anything like the Covid-19 pandemic and have never expected anything like it to bother the heat approach. But life goes on and one of the best ways to drive pandemic sorrow away is to dive into the world of the latest fashion trends. I heard that this year, all of the fashion trends are going to be truly unique and refreshing. Are you ready to leave the house and go on a wild shopping expedition? Then check out these fiery summer 2020 fashion trends and update your wardrobe according to these tendencies.

woman in a tie-dye homewear

Tie-Dye Stains

This summer we are going to experience the rise of the tie-dye trend once again. Inelaborate colorful stains may be the best substitution for the floral and palm prints, which may be way too common for summer 2020. Tie-dye tees are one of the most popular choices for summer, but you go further and place the stains all over your jeans, hat, and even the beach bag. Check out various tie-dye styles on Bellelily.com

woman wearing baggy shorts and white blouse

Baggy Shorts

Summer means comfort. Who wants to wear those tight jeans shorts and narrow capri pants, when you can feel yourself free like a bird in baggy shorts. Spacious summer shorts aren't only comfortable, but they also look super-fashionable, especially paired with ugly sneakers (last year's trend) and a colorful t-shirt (tie-dye is always a great choice!).

woman in a short summer dress and straw hat

Mild Yellow

Yellow has been trendy over the past couple of seasons, but summertime is all about this juicy color. Though, if you aren't the biggest fan of vivid colors in your wardrobe, opt for mild, diluted shades of yellow. As for the rest of your summer outfit, use neutral colors, to further emphasize the beauty of sunny yellow or keep the color elusively for the accessories.

woman in a floral dress

Feminine Dresses

The next trend is never going out of fashion. Yet, this summer season, it comes back together with minor styling changes in the shape of two combat boots. Take your look to the West and wear the dress with cowboy-style ankle boots and a couple of very simple accessories. A weathered denim jacket will protect your skin from the chilly ocean breeze and add even more chic to your outfit. There are a bunch of stylish and feminine floor-length dresses on Fairyseason.com

woman wearing boots and red floor-lenght dress

Cutout Details

This may be one of my favorite summer 2020 fashion trends! The frisky cutout trend had been widely promoted by various designers at New York and Paris fashion weeks. Whenever you are going to place those creative holes and shapes — on the sides of your hips, ribs, or even your feet (cutout boots are must-haves for every grunge fashionista) — your summer outfit is going to be elevated instantly. How do you like this idea?

woman in an elegant animal-print blouse


Wise outfit layering is like further mathematics in the world of fashion. One wrong step and you may end up looking like a hobo, the style we all appreciate, but do not always want to be wearing. Still, there is a smart way to avoid this styling issue and even make it a lot easier. Simply substitute any layering material with its see-through version. Transparent details on your clothing will look trendy as well. 

woman in a crop top and high-waisted jeans


Everyone knows that the best styling option for cropped tops and sweatshirts is high-waisted skinny jeans. They go together just like toasts and marmalade — crunchy and delicious! Yet, there are a few more interesting variations available for summer stylish. Try wearing your crop top with jeans overalls, flare skirt, or wide-legged pants to give it a whole new look.

blonde woman in a black summer dress

Bright Prints

In case you aren't ready for those tie-dye stains, the brightly-colored prints are still going to serve your style this summer season. I especially like those bold sunflower patterns and elements, they look wonderful on lighter clothes and link with another seasonal trend — the sunny yellow color. And what do you think of this trend?

woman in an animal print jumpsuit


Is there anything more relaxing and comfortable in times of crazy summer heat, than light and airy jumpsuits? This clothing item goes on my list of comfortable summer clothing right after those baggy shorts. I strongly recommend you find your own style of jumpsuits because it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to look both stylish and relaxed.

tan woman in an ethnic bikini swimsuit

Ethnic Bikini

The summer isn't a real summer without an evening promenade along the seaside. Imagine wearing one of the most beautiful ethnic-themed bikinis partly hidden under the transparent beach dress. Oh, we are all blessed to have bold and vibrant ethnic print on trend this spring/summer season. Such saturated prints always look original, don't you think so?

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