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Summer wasn't made for heavy-duty skincare. It is time when you want to slack and relax, skip a few steps in your skincare routine, and still enjoy a smooth, radiant look. While your skin's needs are changed in this hot season, it is still important to hydrate and wear your sunscreen religiously to prevent any possible skin problems that may happen from heat and harmful UV rays. 

Today I will review the best summer skincare products for lightweight yet effective skin care. The Hell-Pore by Elizavecca includes three products for smooth and young-looking skin: peeling gel, aha toner, and hydrating mist. In one of my previous reviews, I already talked about the Elizavecca brand, so don't forget to check it if you'd like to know more information about them.

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Hell-Pore Vitamin Peeling Gel

Let's begin with the trending Hell-Pore Vitamin Peeling Gel* by Elizavecca. The formula of this light gel-like product was developed for the gentle cleansing and removing the old skin cells, which accumulate on the skin during the day. It is also effective in removing makeup! The peeling gel ''rolls off '' a layer of dead skin once applied on the surface of the face, revealing fresh skin.

  • Ingredients

The list of ingredients is simply fascinating. It includes Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Oil that helps control oil products and unclog pores, a gentle anti-aging agent Allantoin, and Saussurea Involucrata or Snow Lotus extract, which is known for its strong antioxidant activity.

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How to use Peeling Gel?

The instructions for using this gel were unique, even unexpected to me. I've never used anything like this before! Instead of applying the gel onto the skin and waiting for it to create a peeling-off layer, you need to apply it onto the skin and gently massage it on the surface. The gel turns into soft flakes, which peel and carefully remove the skin's impurities. Once you've done peeling and massaging your skin, wash your face with warm water.

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Hell-Pore Clean Up Aha Fruit Toner

Now it is time to talk about the Fruit Toner* with aha fruit acids. It is a gentle chemical peel for dull, crusty skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is best to check this product on a smaller area, before applying it all over your face. Some dermatologists recommend testing on a jawline or behind your ear. Hell-Pore toner removes impurities and dead skin cells by peeling them off, as a result, you get a velvety, glass skin complexion.

  • Ingredients

Elizavecca Hell-Pore Toner is based on water and lactic acid that improves skin texture and discoloration by removing the top layer of dead skin cells. Additionally, the toner includes Niacinamide which is famous for its ability to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and protect the skin from moisture loss. Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil that contains essential fatty acids helps with skin dryness and protects against environmental damage.

aesthetic collage with elizavecca skin care product and a swatch of a texture on a hand

How to use Hell-Pore Toner by Elizavecca?

First, you'll need to remove makeup and clean your face with a mild face wash or soap. Next, apply a small amount of toner on a cotton pad or use your fingers to gently sweep it over the face. Concentrate on the areas that accumulate more cells and dirt (like the chin, forehead, and the area around the nose.) You don't have to wash it off afterward, but I personally like to rinse my skin after any kind of chemical peel.

Please moisturize your skin after the toner with a rich, but lightweight moisturizer. Remember that AHA and BHA acids may leave your skin oversensitive (increase sun sensitivity). Hence, it is recommended to protect your skin from sun exposure after using such toners.

close-up, aesthetic photo of  hell-pore water up peptide mist by Elizavecca brand on top of a pink furry rug

Hell-Pore Water Up Peptide Mist

The final product for today is Elizavecca Water Up Peptide Mist*, which is my personal favorite. I adore hydrating mists, sprays, and vitamin-infused water for the face, especially in the summer. The water-based peptide mist by Elizavecca is made for dry and dull skin that craves moisture. It is exactly what you need for an instant boost of hydration and glowing, glass skin on a hot summer day!
  • Ingredients
Hell-Pore Water Up mist is packed with beneficial ingredients for the skin. Among them is Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe irritations, keeping the facial skin comfortable and calm. An emollient Phytosqualane (derived from sustainable olive oil) restores the skin's lipid barrier and deeply moisturizes the dry face. Another skin-soothing ingredient in this mist is Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, which maintains the pH balance and helps to control excess oil.

aesthetic collage with elizavecca skin care product and a swatch of a texture on a hand

How to use Water Up Peptide Mist?

There are several ways you can incorporate Elizavecca face mist into your skincare routine. The first one, and my favorite, is to spray it all over the face and gently pat it on the skin. Then, while your face and neck are still covered in droplets, apply moisturizer or natural oil to ''lock in'' the moisture. Another way is to simply spray it after finishing your daily skincare, or when your skin feels dry.


Final Verdict

Let me try to summarize this blog post with my first impressions of Hell-Pore skincare products by Elizavecca. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results. The peeling gel surprised me with the unusual instructions and great results. The pores on my nose and chin are often clogged with small impurities, and the Hell-Pore gel finally resolved the issue. 

Additionally, the mild exfoliating Fruit Toner helps to even out the skin, by gently exfoliating it. My facial skin is prone to broken capillaries are enlarged blood vessels, so I try to stay away from mechanical peels. AHA and BHA toners are a great alternative to harsh, mechanical exfoliation. 

And the mist is simply heavenly! If you strive to get the iconic glass skin look and love K-beauty products, you'll adore all of these gems!

Lots of love,