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The history of denim jeans takes us back to the year 1873 when the tailor Jacob Davis and businessman Levi Strauss collaborated to create their first pair of pants made from sturdy cotton. Who would've thought that this humble invention will turn the world of fashion upside down? One and a half-century later we still love and wear jeans daily, always hunting for new styles. 

Wondering how to find your best pair of denim jeans? A pair that will fit your style, figure, and match the other items in your wardrobe. This prompt jeans guide will give you a hand during your next shopping session. Let's begin!

So, jeans for women are usually distinguished by three main features: the overall style of the jeans – loose, tights, or casual; the rise of the waistband – low, mid-rise, or high; and, of course, by the color of the jeans. Let's try to analyze all these three features separately, and find out the best way to pull these jeans.

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By the style:

• Bananas

Banana jeans are loose at the top and narrower at the bottom, the waist of bananas is also narrowed. Sometimes they have pinches at the waist that emphasize the hips. Bananas are suitable for both oversize and fitted things. It is recommended to combine this model with something tight. A turtleneck or a knitted top with a stand-up collar will be good for them.

• Wide

It is better to wear wide women's jeans with a voluminous top. Loose T-shirts, shirts and long sleeves will be suitable. By the way, shoes with heels will look delightful with this model, and the heel does not have to be high: 2-3 cm is enough.

• Mom

They have a straight cut, which does not highlight the hips. So, you can create a sporty look: a sweatshirt, a bomber jacket, and sneakers are suitable for them. By the way, mom jeans and a thin cropped cardigan are the perfect combinations: you just need to tuck the cardigan inside, like a sweater or jumper.

• Boyfriends

Boyfriend jeans are sewn with a low fit with turned-up ends, and sometimes you can find shortened models.

Boyfriends look informal and add brutality to the whole look. There are two things for a beautiful combination with them: a blouse and a sweatshirt. A blouse with a figure neckline will create more of a unisex style, and a wide sweatshirt is more suitable for a sporty look.

• Flared

Flared model is loose at the bottom and narrower at the top. It is go well with basic T-shirts and shirts. Besides it, flared jeans greatly matched with high heels, and in this look, you can choose a plaid shirt that can be tucked inside. It will turn out an image in the style of the 70s, which is in fashion now.

• Balloons

Balloon jeans are loose at the top and slightly narrowed at the bottom, and their best friend is a turtleneck. A jacket is also suitable, under which you can wear a basic top, shirt or T-shirt. In winter, you just need to choose the insulated option.

• Joggers

Joggers are ideal for creating sports looks. Sneakers will be just right here, and as for the top, take a sweatshirt, a long sleeve or hoodie, the hood of which can be pulled out over a coat or down jacket and worn instead of a hat.

• Skinny

Skinny jeans highlight all the contours of the body, so they are quite universal and can be worn with both oversized and tight-fitting things. They usually have a high fit, that is why you can safely tuck your shirt into them. You can also choose an oversize sweater or jumper, and the fit, in this case, will no longer matter. Since this model is also narrow at the bottom, then shoes with a wide top will be just right, for example, ankle boots.

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By the rise:

• Low-rise

The low-rise jeans usually sit below the navel and were extremely popular in the mid '2000s. This is a great option if you want to emphasize the curves. Wear these jeans with cropped tops, loose blouses, and tunics.

• Mid-rise

The second type of jeans' rise is the mid-rise. This model also sits below the navel but covers the belly almost completely. Unlike low-rise jeans, this rise is considered to be the most effortless in styling and almost everyone finds it comfortable.


The high fit emphasizes the waist and long legs. Women usually look slimmer in this model: the legs seem longer, and the figure is more elongated. A high fit should be worn with a sweatshirt, and a T-shirt with a jacket is also suitable.

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By the color:

• Grey

Grey pants are greatly combined with things of chocolate and emerald colors, pink, blue, and lemon shades are also suitable. The combinations usually depend on the shade of gray: you should take a light one, as it can be combined with white and beige.

• Blue

Blue jeans can be worn with clothes of almost any color, purple is especially suitable. In the autumn and winter, the classical model is perfectly combined with a shade of bordeaux. This shade of wine creates a feeling of luxury, and the deeper the denim, the more luxurious the combination looks.

• White

White pants should be worn with white clothes, but light shades are also suitable: blue, light pink, and yellow. So, it is better to combine these colors with each other or create mono looks. Yes, light clothes are not the most practical solution for the fall, but in the background of cloudy autumn days, light outfits look bright and modern.

• Black

With black jeans, you can create a perfect mono look, and to do this, you need to pick up a black top and black shoes. Practical black will help to emphasize the silhouette because black and white colors are combined with everything.

• Brown

If you choose a white shirt and a black jacket for brown jeans, you will get the perfect business image. Brown is a shade of comfort, and it looks great with red color: with shadows of fresh tomato and cayenne pepper.

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