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Every woman knows that there is nothing like slipping into your favorite pajama set after an exhausting day as everyone knows How Shift Work Impacts Sleep. In day-to-day life, we often sacrifice our personal comfort for the sake of looks. However, the comfort of your own bedroom should not be ignored under any circumstances.

Of course, when we think of comfortable sleepwear, we don't have a particular image in our minds. Sleepwear is very personal, even intimate clothes. Something that we must all choose thoroughly and patiently. Below, you'll see the list that features all kinds of sleepwear styles, materials, and other important features, that will help you to properly select clothes for a great night’s sleep. 

What to Sleep In to Have a Good Rest?

To have a good rest during sleep and cheerfully meet the new day, you need to choose what is the attitude for you. Modern designers offer the widest selection of models of women's clothing for sleeping. Here you can see the main types, each of which has a variety of styles:

Robes are a universal option in which you can move around the house and sleep. Such clothes are sewn quite loose, equipped with a zipper, or supplemented with a belt that can be tied up like it is convenient. Most models have pockets in which you can put something you need when moving before bedtime or immediately after. Some dressing gowns are an addition to the other nightdresses, for example, for pajamas, which are made of thin material, or if something warmer is needed;

Pajamas are a no less popular option, as well as nighties, so the range of choice among the models is not inferior to them. Pajamas come in all styles and colors and are considered to be one of the most comfortable sleepwear. Knitwear sets are considered universal and convenient for any time of the year. By the way, there are insulated pajamas that are suitable for the autumn-winter period. They retain heat well and are very pleasant to the body;

Oriental nightgowns are worn over the head and are quite widespread nowadays because they are good not only for spending the night but also for moving freely around the house. These models are often decorated with embroidery or some kind of beaded detail;

Kigurumi is a popular pajama that resembles overalls with hoods that look like cartoon characters or cute animals. They are most often made of fleece or velour, and the fasteners are buttons or a zipper;

Elongated T-shirts are often sewn from light fabrics and are more suitable for hot seasons, as they let in the air well. There are also models with straps that can be regulated, and even with cups that do not restrict movement and support the bust.

Night T-shirts are classic clothes. Unlike everyday options, they have a loose fit and are made from light materials, to which a small amount of spandex is added. Such T-shirts are combined with special shorts, capris for sleeping or with pajama pants;

Cotton nighties are the oldest type of clothing for sleeping but still have not lost popularity among women. In the 20th century, the traditional nighties were made of calico or flannel, had a length below the knee and a simple coloring. Now you can buy various models of it. The length varies from the mini to the heels, with long or short sleeves, or with a belt.

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How to Choose the Right Sleepwear?

Such a variety of models will allow each woman to pick up a charming outfit that matches her taste and mood. So that sleep clothes were pleased you, it is important to take into account the five following criteria:

1. Comfort is a necessary and most important point of choice. Convenience, first of all, is the key to a good rest.

2. Practicality is another major criteria we should consider when choosing sleepwear. It should be easily washed and require a minimum of ironing.

3. Aesthetics. Regardless of the chosen look, the outfit should emphasize all the advantages, and sit well on your body, that its owner always looks feminine and attractive.

4. The material from which the product is made. If there is an opportunity, then, of course, it is better to choose an outfit made of natural fabrics.

5. Style. Choosing clothes for sleeping, it is better to opt for models, without unnecessary decorative elements, as all of this can cause discomfort during sleep and will not give you a full rest.
And the last rule: there is never much beauty!

The Takeaway

All women will agree that there can't be many outfits, but what is the optimal amount of clothes for sleeping in the wardrobe? To ensure a comfortable sleep, at least, it is worth buying:

• Silk nightgown

• Robe

• Cotton nighty

• Night T-shirt

In addition to this base, there must be a couple of night dresses for romantic evenings. For everyday use, it is better to choose models of pastel tones or with a small floral pattern. Have good shopping and a good night!

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