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Photo: Kristina Petrick

An average person spends around 26 years in a lifetime sleeping. Add another seven years to this calculation, as it is how long we usually take to fall asleep. That means that approximately 33 years in our lives we spend in bed. Interesting, how many hours do we spend wearing pajamas? It is hard to know for sure, but, beyond any questions, the number of hours we spend on our homewear has greatly increased. believe it or now, but the snuggle is real!

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I spend most of my time in a pair of fun pjs with evil pumpkins printed all over it. And, in my humble opinion, pajamas may be the first greatest fashion invention, designed by French designer Paul Poiret. And, since we are all stuck in the comfort of our homes and beds, I invite you to dive into the world of cozy pajamas for women. Find yourself a snuggly partner to share your day with.

tryptych of three pictures of women wearing fun pajama sets

Make it Fun or Cute

Why lend on something trivial, when you can make your every day a little bit special! Don't stop your pajama choice on boring colors go for funny or cute pajamas. Thankfully, the pajama market is more than ready to handle your taste. From kawaii bears, and long-eared bunnies, to holiday-inspired sets with matching home shoes. What will be your pjs of choice?

Hot Weather Approved Pajamas

Summer weather has its own rules when it comes to homewear. It may be as cute and fun as you want it to be but still uncomfortable to wear at night. That's when such properties as material, thickness, and length must be considered. Pick a lightweight. breathable pajamas made from natural fabrics to survive the stuffy summer. Material like fine cotton, linen, silk, and even bamboo help you to survive even the hottest heatwave.

a triptych of three pajama style outfits as an outwear

Wear Your Pajama Set to Work

Who said that women's pjs are strictly for home? You can take your favorite pajama set to work or rock the rebellious look to a casual meeting. Of course, such a pajama set or dress should not be too revealing or be falling off your shoulders all the time. The best way to turn your sleepwear into a casual look is to layer it over with an oversized sweater, or bomber, or to add some bold accessories.

Size Up for Comfort

Of course, it all depends on the model you choose and your material of choice. But, it is suggested to opt for one size larger than your actual size for most of the models. Moreover, most people prefer their pajama pants or shorts to be loose-fitting. It is definitely more comfortable to sleep in pajamas that don't squeeze your body while you try to spend a while with Morpheus.

Loungewear Vs. Pajama

While preparing this post, I looked through many articles which explain the difference between loungewear and sleepwear. But, to tell the truth, I don't see the real difference between these two types of clothing. Especially now, in the pandemic, when the regular boundaries between different types of homewear have completely washed away. I propose you get yourself a loose flowing robe which you can throw onto your shoulders after the night of sleep. It is going to be a perfect outfit to chill on a couch during the day, or while you are on a lunch break at your home office.

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