portrait of a woman with curly hair
Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Shopping online can be challenging and complicated at times. One size doesn't fit all, unclear information about the desired item, or the arrived color isn't what you expected it to be: these are just only a few of the most common problems customers encounter when buying products online. When it comes to shopping for beauty items, the list of troublesome issues arises drastically, and so many things can go wrong. Starting with the quality and the visual appearance, and finishing with the basic characteristics of the product.

But, probably the toughest online purchase of them all is buying a wig. Purchasing it in a specialized store, where you can try it on, ask for help and advice from a consultant and test the quality of the hair is already a huge responsibility. The price of a natural human hair wig can range anywhere between $40 to $1500, depending on the length, texture, and quality of the hair. Synthetic wigs are more affordable, but, naturally, we want every little penny to be spent wisely, so buying wigs online can feel a little too risky. There are too many online stores that claim to have the most realistically looking wigs, only to trick you into buying their poor-quality wigs.

At the same time, there are a lot of little secrets, which will make your online shopping experience as pleasant as possible, without any dreadful consequences. So, where can you buy a good wig online, what to look for, and what to avoid during this uneasy task? Let's find the answer to all the most important shopping questions you had and Kriyya is going to give us a hand.

#1. Know Your Wig Needs

To make online shopping for wigs faster and less stressful, you'll need to set a precise goal and try not to deviate from it. You'll need to decide what type of wig is going to be the most useful to you, and what texture and color you like. Is it going to be a classic middle part wig or a more versatile u part wig? When you set thee accurate goal, the road to it is going to be twice as short!

portrait of a woman with curly hair
Photo by Vlada Karpovich

#2. Look into the Core

Every wig specialist will agree that the crucial part of a good wig is its base or cap. The cap not only determines the natural appearance of the wig but also holds every little hair in place. One of the most popular options is a lace front wig, which allows you to style, pluck, and cut the wig, customizing it on your head for the best look. Pay attention to the cap material, it should be thin and lightweight. Don't be shy to message the seller and ask for extra photos and information on the material. If a lace front wig is not an option for you, you can always go for a classic or capeless wig.

#3. Pay Attention to Reviews

Of course, there is always a chance to stumble upon a dishonest review, but it is better than having no background information on the store at all. Read commentaries and pay attention to the referrals on trusted websites. Google has a useful system, which allows you to see the rating and pictures of the products.

#4. Go Easy First Time

If you still aren't sure about the chosen store, go easy with your first purchase. Let it be a little trial purchase. You can order a bundle of natural hair or extensions to check out the quality of the strands, their texture, color, and softness. If it is going to be your first wig purchase ever, try out a fast and easy alternative to lace front wigs ‒ the headband wigs. This type of wig doesn't require any experience or glue to place on. All you need to do to wear this wig is simply put it on your head, and you are ready to go.

#5. Measure Twice

To make sure everything fits well, you'll need to measure your head. Better to measure it twice, just to make sure that it is done properly. Use a cloth measuring head and measure around your head, as shown in the instruction on the website/store. Ask someone to help you with a more precise result. You can go to a regular wig store and try on a wig of the same size, just to feel certain about the measurements.

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