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Fast fashion dominates the clothing industry, flooding the market with brand-new collections and trends every season. But the true fashion lover knows how to value their investment pieces, understanding that style transcends trends. Building a fall wardrobe with pieces you'll love forever might be a challenge, but the effort is absolutely worth the reward. 

Embrace the essence of fall with this curated selection of must-have fall trends that will become staples in your fashion life. From cozy cashmere and versatile ankle boots to debatable turtlenecks and oversized blazers. Which one or more of these fall staples are always waiting for you in the wardrobe?

a beautiful woman in cahmere sweater
Sweater by Brunello Cucinelli

  • #1. Cashmere

Cashmere is a highly luxurious and gentle material, which demands special care and storage. But, if you invest in a good-quality cashmere piece, it will serve the whole eternity. Even your grandkids will have a chance to rock your cashmere cardigan, as it will never go out of style.

There is even a cashmere variation for eco-friendly fashionistas. Mandkhai Jargalsaikhan is a young Mongolian designer, who produces her cashmere gems from the wool of happy goats. Her cashmere pieces are deeply loved by Gigi Hadid.

a pair of ankle boots
Boots by Merrick's Art

  • #2. Ankle Boots

I don't know about you, lovelies, but I don't imagine a romantic fall walk without comfortable ankle boots. They come in various colors and styles, but there is one thing that certainly unites them together ‒ the simplicity and versatility of the form. 

You can wear your fall ankle boots with dresses, skirts, and pants. They can come with a feminine heel, or feature steel elements and military appeal. Either way, ankle boots are a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. 

a beautiful woman in chunky mint sweater
Chunky sweater by Fobya

  • #3. Chunky Knitwear

Cashmere is without a doubt the coziest fall material, however, there is another fall fashion trend that can compete with Cashmere for this title. Yes, I'm talking about the good old chunky knit trend, which everyone loves and wears during the cold time of the year. Whether it is an old cardigan, which you found under the bed, or an ugly sweater, there is always a way to give your knitted pieces a fresh fashion life. 

a beautiful woman in midi skirt
Skirt by Pilot and Powell

  • #4. Midi Skirt

If you aren't a fan of pants and jeans and prefer to wear something less restricting, but still look casual, then you have to try the classic midi skirt. It goes just a little below the knee, creating a comfortable and warm environment for your legs. Midi skirts can be close-fitting for a more professional look or have a flirty flair, which makes them a perfect candidate for casual occasions.

a beautiful woman in a thin turtleneck sweater
Sweater by Levi's

  • #5. Thin Turtleneck

Turtlenecks may not be the most attractive fall piece, but it is definitely a versatile must-have, which is possible to style in thousands of fashionable ways. They are also a great alternative if you live in a place, where the cooler time of the year is not cold enough to wear heavy-weighted sweaters, such as our favorite chunky knit I've mentioned above.

Layer a nude turtleneck underneath a floor-length vest to create an illusion of a taller silhouette, or loosely wear it over a mid-skirt for a more casual look.

a beautiful woman in a nude trench coat sweater
Coat by Jenni Kayne

  • #6. Trench Coat

Trench coats must be the most fashionable women's outerwear for the fall. Its class is unquestionably timeless, so don't even doubt if you see the perfectly fitting trench coat in the fashion store. The leather trench coat is the ultimate fall trend this season, though I believe it will remain trendy and you will change it for nothing else. 

Real leather or faux leather, you'll need to learn how to wear your trench coat. The most popular ideas include boyfriend jeans, sneakers, thigh-high boots, and even a miniskirt. 

a beautiful woman in a gray leather jacket
Jacket by Mint Velvet

  • #7. Leather Jacket

The next timeless fall piece doesn't need an introduction. Actually, it is not only a timeless but a seasonless piece, as it can be worn all year long, at any time of the day by anyone. It is a fashion staple beyond time and space. Of course, a faux leather jacket can be just as comfortable and beautiful as its natural college, so keep it in mind and save some space for a high-quality leather jacket in your wardrobe.

a beautiful woman in a plaid jumpsuit
Jumpsuit by Ivy City Co

  • #8. Plaid

Plaid print takes an honorable place between other eternal fall fashion trends such as cashmere, knit, and suede. I bet you don't even know about this, you can even be a nonfan of plaid print but own something featuring these square patterns in your house. Don't fight the feeling and embrace plaid for the fall, because there are so many stylish plaid pieces, that you love wearing daily.

a beautiful woman in a straight-leg pants
Pants by Love, Bonito

  • #9. Straight-leg Pants

Together with midi skirts, straight-leg pants are fashion essentials, which hold the whole ensemble together. Even though skirts and pants are fashion opponents, you can style them in one fall outfit pretty much the same way. A pair of stylish ankle boots, sneakers, or classic heels; cardigans, loose sweaters, and blouse, what else did I forget to mention?

a beautiful woman in an oversized blazer
Blazer by K.A. Classic

  • #10. Oversized Blazer

And lastly, I would love to mention a highly controversial, but undoubtedly stylish fall piece, which is going to stay in our lives until eternity. Of course, I'm talking about the oversized blazers, which made a fashion comeback relatively not long ago and continue to excite fashionistas and critics. 

It can be a great replacement for a leather or denim jacket or layered on top of an office dress. Just remember that the key to an oversized blazer is always the belt.

Final Thoughts...

That's all for today! While indulging in new trends can be tempting, fall is also a perfect time to embrace conscious fashion. Consider investing in versatile pieces made from recycled materials or supporting local ethical brands. Look for garments built to last, ensuring you get the most out of each purchase.

May your closet be filled with timeless treasures, and may your confidence bloom with every outfit you choose.

Lots of love,