close-up of pastel makeup products

Let's be honest, lovelies, we don't need to have a ton of high-end makeup products to look our best. Of course, it is always nice to treat yourself with an expensive makeup palette or a newly-released foundation, yet we still come back to well-known brands that work well on our skin. Most makeup products have a limited shelf life. For example, it is recommended to change mascara every few months, and who wants to spend those hard-earned pennies on mascara? Therefore, today we are going to talk about makeup products, which you can save your money on.

1. Makeup Samples & Cosmetic Sales Will Save Extra Money

Miniature products and samples aren't only a great way to test out new makeup before buying it in full size, but they also allow you to save some cash. Request some makeup samples at your local makeup and skincare store next time you visit it. In addition, consider big shopping for makeup once or twice a year during big sales like Black Friday and Christmas time. Apart from having great discounts, some makeup brands offer other pleasant bonuses and gifts.

2. Affordable Mascara, Eyebrow Gel & Liquid Eyeliner

As I have mentioned earlier, such makeup products as mascara, eyebrow gel, and liquid eyeliner have a pretty short lifespan. It is not a surprise, because all these products have a rich, creamy base, which is an ideal environment for bacteria of all kinds. Plus, every time you open one of these makeup products, you allow air to go inside and dry them out. As a result — clumpy application, a vast amount of nasty fallouts, redness, and itchiness. 

To avoid the troublesome consequences, choose cheap makeup brands over the expensive alternatives and change your liquid eye makeup products as frequently as is recommended. And don't forget, that you can always re-use your favorite luxury mascara wand and apply an affordable mascara with it. You will love the results!

close-up of pastel makeup products

3. Save Money On Concealer

Some makeup artists and beauty gurus recommend saving money on foundation, as it also has a short shelf life of 6-12 months. However, if you have problematic skin (acne and blemish-prone, too oily or dry, sensitive, etc...) regular drugstore makeup foundations might not be suitable for it. Lightweight BB creams are always a great alternative to pricey foundations, but they do not always provide full coverage if you seek one. Instead of saving your money on makeup foundations, you can spend them effectively on affordable concealer. 

4. Buy Cosmetics In Bulk

Every makeup lover can agree that if you need to save an extra dollar or two on makeup — buy affordable eye and lip pencils. If you love creative makeup looks or often use eye and lip pencils as an eyeshadow base, then you can easily buy wholesale makeup pencils and have all the colors you like at once. Remember that cheaper doesn't always mean low-quality. There are so many affordable drugstore brands that will fully satisfy your makeup needs without breaking your budget.

5. Customize Your Own Makeup Palette

Another great way to stop wasting your money on makeup is to customize your own makeup palette instead of buying pre-arranged selection of colors you'll never use. Such makeup brands as NYX, MAC Cosmetics, ColourPop, and Makeup Forever allow you to create your own eyeshadow or face palette with your favorite colors. Some of these customizable palettes can be quite expensive, but, overall, you are going to pay only for those colors, which you are going to use without any doubts. 

close-up of pastel makeup products

6. Use What You Already Have

This is probably one of the easiest and the hard makeup rules to follow. Don't buy any new makeup products, before using the one you already have in the drawer. How hard can it be? But the temptation is real and every makeup lover can agree with me! I have a lot of new year's resolutions, which I plan to follow this year, but "hitting the pan" in most of my current products is one of my makeup-related priorities.

7. Save Money On Makeup Tools

How many beauty blenders, eyeshadow brushes, and other makeup tools do you use daily? Makeup lovers regularly shop for newly-released tools in cute designs, while makeup brands regularly throw one or two makeup brushes in every other eyeshadow palette. Save your money by investing them in high-quality makeup tools. Wash and store them carefully to extend their lifespan and they will serve you long and well, just like brand new tools.

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