white sweater , jeans and eyeglasses on white background
Photo: Ylanite Koppens

"New year, new me" is what I always say to myself at the end of every December month. The beginning of a brand-new decade is an ideal time to start following my old promises and to remember them all, this year I have finally decided to put together the five most crucial testaments which I shall thoroughly follow in 2020. Hopefully, some of you may find them useful and will join me on the path to better fashion choices. Shall we begin?

Quality Basics Over Prints

I would like to start my year by slowly, but surely substituting all of my old harshly-printed pieces with more moderate items. Animal prints and bright-colored tees are going to be left behind, liberating the space for trendy, yet timeless clothes. In the new year, I pretend to acquire a moderate pile of basic clothing: high-quality blouses from natural, breezy materials, pure-colored t-shirts, and sweaters, and comfy shoes that go well with the rest of the basics. I pretend to check the range of minimalist t-shirts at the store. 

The Less is More

This simple verity comes with age, I guess. The less is always more, and it concerns not only our food preferences lifestyle beliefs but also our clothing. It isn't hard to be charmed by the cheap cute clothes, but what is more important is to find that one, unique piece that makes you happy and compliments the rest of your current wardrobe. For many years I've committed the same old fashion crime — impulsive fashion purchases which left me with a bunch of incompatible clothing. Therefore one of the priority fashion goals for this year is leaving this nasty fashion habit behind.

A Path to Personal Style

Another important fashion goal I aspire to finally reach in 2020 is to finally discover my personal style. Of course, for the past three (or even more) years I have already been working on my wardrobe, yet for a person who doesn't have a good fashion sense struggles with every purchase, this path is significantly more complicated. But, I don't give up easily on my hopes, especially on my fashion hopes.

A Dress to Impress

One of the best fashion rules, that always saves my bad fashion taste, sounds like this: "If you have no experience in the field of fashion and don't know how to create a good-looking outfit — wear a dress". It is so much easier to find a dress that will look good on your body type and spice it up with a few accessories, than build up a fashionable ensemble from scratch. Thus, I plan to stock up with a few cute dresses which are going to save me on the days, when I don't feel like pondering on my look.

Brand New Silhouettes

And, finally, a few thoughts on new experiences. The whole fashion industry fights for discovering fresh silhouettes for modern ladies and gentlemen, while I was stuck in old-fashioned skinny jeans and baggy sweaters. Life is too short for old habits, so I expect to break the wall of boring silhouettes with a refreshing wind of experiments. I'm not sure exactly what it is going to be, but my wardrobe is better to be prepared for the new inmates. Do you have any fashion ideas for the new year? Please, don't keep me waiting and tell your thoughts in the comment section, I'm excited to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love,