a portrait of a beautiful woman with curly hair
Photo: Lucas da Miranda

Most of the wigs are made of either natural human hair or synthetic hair. Of course, natural human hair is durable, breathable, and can be styled and colored in any way possible. But with the quality comes the price. So, before making a commitment and choosing the wig, here are some of the most popular human hair wig styles and textures, you might want to consider for yourself.

The Body Wave Wig Texture

The body wave hair is one of the best style options if you are going for a natural, effortless hair look. Named after the naturally occurring phenomenon ‒ the seismic waves that move through the earth, this type of loose curls is characterized by a well-defined, yet natural-looking “s” pattern in waves. These types of waves appear more easy-going, than a regular perm, therefore. Therefore, the body wave wig is going to be a great alternative to other natural curly hair patterns.

The Deep Wave Wig Texture

The next wig texture we are going to look at is deep wave hair. It is one of the most popular, dramatic styles, which looks absolutely gorgeous on everyone. The deep waves are tight and intense, some say it looks like softly curled hair from a distance. The 4x4 closure wig is going to look both natural and secure on the head, and deep conditioning care prolongs the beauty of this hair.

a portrait of a beautiful woman with curly hair

The Wet & Wavy Wig

If you prefer more tight curls, but can't be bothered with long-lasting styling, then you are going to love the next option. It is one of my favorite wig types because of the distinct ring-like pattern and dewy appeal. The girls with wet and wavy wigs look like a real-life mermaid, who came out of the waves to demonstrate the beauty of their damp hair. The wet and wavy hair requires little to no styling to redefine the patterns. All you need to revive them is to touch the hair up with some water, and you are all set.

The Brazilian Curly Wig

One of the hottest wigs on the market is the Brazilian curly texture. These curls are shiny, tight, and incredibly soft. The good-quality Brazilian hair wigs do not shed, they are full, thick, and have healthy ends with no splits. Of course, maintaining natural curs is not an easy task, especially when the hair is in a wig, but the final result worth all the effort. I especially love the look of short and curly wigs, because this style is so on-trend at the moment.

The Fake Scalp Wig Innovation

One of the most innovative wig types is the fake scalp wig. Unlike a regular wig, the fake scalp wig has an extra layer of see-through lace, which allows hair styling and parting in any direction you like. Plus, you don't need to braid your hair or hide it underneath the bald cap. The fake scalp wig allows you to wear it right on the top of your natural hair, without any extra preparations.

Well, now, when you know all of the latest trends in the wig and textures, you can make the right choice without any doubts and trouble. Do you love wearing wigs? If so what is your favorite type and how do you care for natural human hair? Please, let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section, I would love to learn more on the subject.

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