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Perhaps nothing thrills a client more than deciding to dye their hair and try a new makeover! However, because you may be as creative as you wish and they can seek out various styles, this common beauty service might be a little overwhelming. How then can you be sure that you help your client find what they are looking for exactly?

As the UK hair colourant market has maintained a steady value, you may find that a significant portion of your customers want coloring services and you need to offer the latest styles.

Best Hair Dyeing Trends of 2024

Social media's growth presents a fantastic opportunity for the hair and beauty industry. With their innovative designs, salons have a greater chance of becoming viral, which offers fantastic marketing opportunities. Additionally, it indicates that color trends are a frequent and easy-to-find source of general inspiration. Customers can frequently come to you to recreate the newest designs they've seen online.

Therefore, some of the most common trends you should be aware of include:

• Balayage: This low-maintenance style has been popular for a while. The bottom half of the hair is often dyed a lighter color, and the top half is then subtly blended into a different color. Depending on the color and length of the hair, this style can change. Just keep in mind that the change from light to dark colors must remain seamless.

• Face-framing highlights: It is not surprising that adding lighter tones around the sides of the face has also become fashionable given the growing popularity of grown-out curtain bangs and how these frame people's faces! This technique is a great way to mellow out darker colors. This contrast might be subtle, like caramel against light brown, or strong, like platinum against dark brown.

• Pinks and coppers: Particularly pink and copper, bold colors have made a significant comeback. Softer, multi-tonal hues are popular and maybe a request that is made more frequently. Additionally, it is good to keep in mind that over the past several months, women have been more and more attracted to the playful yet sexy golden copper shade.

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It's all about the technicalities!

Yes, choosing a color is essential, but ultimately it all relies on the application method and how the color is used.

It's vital to start with a patch test to make sure your client's color goals are appropriate for their skin and scalp. Hair dye reactions are fairly common and, if you don't take care, could result in legal problems. Even if you may be quite focused on having an adventurous appearance, if you skip the basic safety precautions, it will reflect poorly on you.

Permanent vs Semi-permanent Dyes

With so many trends to choose from, semi-permanent hair colour is a popular choice to enable greater flexibility to try different colors and styles more often. As it coats strands rather than altering them, it fades after a few washes.

On the other hand, permanent dyes endure until the colored hair is cut or bleached because the dye is sealed inside the hair shaft. It is unlikely to deteriorate, making it a fantastic solution for clients who are certain about their decision in the long run.

• Color Consultations

Customers who dye their hair offer a fantastic possibility for repeat business as they will often need to get a touch-up and get their roots redone. Making it particularly important that they are happy with the outcomes.

Final Thoughts...

Making sure you understand what the client wants will help you get the ideal finish that the customer will like. Ask any new customer to come in for a color consultation at the salon. You get the ability to inquire about what they want and make recommendations during the session for various solutions that you believe will complement the client's skin tone and facial features!

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