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Hey there, my lovelies, how are you holding on in the new year? I keep respecting all of the social-distancing rules, working on my manicure/pedicure skills all of this time. I have still a lot to learn, and perfection is surely unreachable, though there are a lot of practical tools, and product, that makes the nail care routine a stressless, enjoyable practice. Check out my top five must-have nail items by Born Pretty that I use frequently and swear by. 

close-up of a cuticle oil pen

  • Nail Cuticle Oil Pen*

Have you ever watched Cristine, from Simply Nailogical, a video about her nail care? She shares a few practical, and handy nail care tips, and teaches how she grows her hair naturally and maintains its length. One of the most peculiar items on her list was a cuticle oil, that comes in the shape of a pen and has a soft brush tip with a twistable tube. Born Pretty has five different nutrition nail cuticle oils for every liking: almond, lavender, pineapple, peach, and coconut. 

All five products have pretty much similar ingredients, based on Grape Seed oil, which is high in Vitamin E. It makes your skin softer and protects it from UV rays (a shootout to UV-led lamps for gel products). There you can also find a bunch of other additional oils, like Sunflower, and Olive, and of course, a subtle addition of perfume. Peach is the one I'm using tonight now, and my cuticle couldn't be happier. The other four I plan to gift them as little souvenirs. 

close-up image of a clear topcoat nail polish

  • No Smudge Top Coat*

If you are a fan of nail art or nail stamping, then you have to have a No Smudge Top Coat at your disposal. Unlike regular clear top coat nail polish, which tends to "smudge" the freshly applied design of the nail plate. To prevent this from happening, use a Nicole Diary No Smudge topcoat, which doesn't interfere with the design of your nails. You can apply it as any other regular topcoat: right after you finish your nail design, Believe me, it won't ruin your work. The nice, glossy finish will reveal the shine of the glitters in your nail design, and smooth any rough edges and transitions.

close-up of a clear nail stamper tool

  • Clear Nail Stamper*

I remember the first time, I tried nail stamping. It wasn't the most successful start, but I like the results. Since that time, I practiced nail stamping regularly trying out new combinations and patterns. A large, and, what is most importantly, clear nail stamper helps to receive a neat transfer onto the nail. So, why should it be clear? To help you position the design with precision. The see-through base will allow you to see every little move you make with your stamper. And the size matters, when it comes to the length of your nails. The shorter your nails are, the smaller they could be, however, for longer nails small stamper is less convenient. 

The stamper I like to use at the moment comes in four different variations: three filled with glitter, and one completely clear. As I said, I prefer Stamper completely clear, but you can opt out of any four of them. You'll also receive a useful scraper, to scrape off the excess amount of nail polish off the plate, and a bunch of crystals, which you can put inside of the handle of the stamper, for an extra load of sparkles.

close-up of a small nail stamping plate

  • Stamping Plate*

Of course, if you already have a nail stamper and No Smudge topcoat, the only thing left for you to try is a nail stamping plate by Born Pretty. They have some of the most trendy stamping designs available on their website. I love the holiday collection stamping plates, especially the Halloween-inspired ones. But my latest love is this square nail stamping plate by Nicole Diary. It features 15 meadow-inspired designs: summer grass, herbs, buds, and flowers. You may need some time to get used to the size of these petite designs, but the final look is so adorable. #Naturecore in all its beauty, and grace. And what do you think lovelies, do you like the way it looks?

close-up of a stainless steel cuticle nippers

  • Cuticle Nipper*

One of my favorite nail care tools at the moment is this cuticle nipper by Born Pretty. These are the sharpest, most precise, and easy to work with nippers I ever had. I literally can't imagine my nail care routine without this tool. The sharp, precise blades of the nippers cut the cuticles in one, easy motion without ripping them off or damaging the skin around your nails. And, who can resist the rainbow design? I surely can't. Remember to keep your nippers clean, and closed with the special protective cap at all times. 

Final Thoughts...

These are just a few of my favorite Born Pretty nail products. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for high-quality, yet affordable products for every taste. With these essentials in your arsenal, you can create stunning nail looks at home that will last for days. I hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Talk to you soon! 

Lots of love,

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