couple is holding each others hands
Photo: Jasmine Carter

Time is constant and we are now approaching another February 14th, known around the world as Valentine’s Day, which originated as a Christian celebration of St. Valentine. While it isn’t a public holiday, Valentine’s Day is globally recognized as a day for couples to celebrate their love, and if you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift, here are some cool ideas.

  • Antique Brooch - Brooches are coming back into fashion, and what woman wouldn’t love a diamond brooch from the Victorian era? An online search is all it takes to source an Australian antique dealer, who would have a stunning collection of diamond jewelry. Choose a heart shape to commemorate the day of hearts. This would also make for a wise investment. Antiques appreciate in value as time passes and they could become a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. You could buy her a sweater and pin the brooch on, which would make for a great surprise.

  • Antique Diamond Ring - This is the ultimate symbol of your love and with a diverse selection of styles, check out the stunning antique jewelry online from reputable dealers. If you are planning to pop the question at some time in the future, why not do it on this day and slip an antique diamond engagement ring on her finger while celebrating Valentine’s Day? Many couples decide to get engaged on this most romantic of days and there’s still time to make all the arrangements and acquire a diamond engagement ring from the online antique dealer. 

  • Diamond Drop Earrings - What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a pair of stunning diamond drop earrings? Ideal for those gala evenings and dinner parties, this would be a very special gift that she would wear on her wedding day. If you would like to view antique diamond earrings, a Google search will take you to the website of a reputable antique dealer, where you can view a range of genuine fine antiques, all at affordable prices.

  • Diamond Stud Earrings - If she loves fine antiques, check out the online antique dealer for some stunning stud earrings with diamonds, of course. They can be worn at any time and when she wears them, she will think of you.

  • A Diamond Bracelet - Yes, it is expensive, but if you hand her this as a Valentine's Day gift, her eyes will light up! There are many styles and if she is into antiques, then search online and see what is available; she might prefer a colored Art Deco piece or a sleek thin bracelet for her evening wear. You know her taste in clothing and jewelry so pick something she would choose herself and watch her face light up when the big day arrives!

There’s something about diamonds and Valentine’s Day, so for a truly memorable gift, take a look at what the online antique dealer has to offer in the way of diamond jewelry and you’ll likely find something that is perfect.

Lots of love,