a portrait of singer Lisa from Black Pink kpop band with short hairstyle

The bob haircut is going to dominate the hair trend world of 2021. And it is no wonder, as it is one of the most versatile haircuts ever created. Anyone can pull off a good-old bob, whether it is a short French cut or a long inverted style. Of course, any type of bob haircut needs regular maintenance and styling, which involves time and some practice. But, as we all know, practice makes your hair look perfect, isn't it?

So, want to give your hair a big chop, but are not ready to lose some hair lengths? Or just want to give your new haircut a test drive? Well, I guess it is time to get some stunning wigs, which you can change at any time of the day. With these wigs, you'll be able to try all types of bob haircuts without risking an inch of your own hair. Need some visual ideas? Here are some of my personal favorite badass hairstyles to inspire the style change!

#1. Cute Curly Bob 

If your thin curly hair shouldn't be worn this way, you are mistaken, as bob is one of the best cuts for your curls. And, telling you the truth, curly bob is one of my personal favorite haircuts. Ah, I wish my hair was curly, as it looks so romantic and stunningly cute. Luckily, we all have an opportunity to rock a curly bob haircut with the help of a wig.

portrait of a woman with an edgy shaggy bob haircut

#2. Edgy Shaggy Bob

The next haircut combines the best of both worlds. The convenient length of a classic bob, and the edginess of shag haircuts. You won't believe it, but this type of haircut looks great on thin hair. The choppy layers give them an extra volume, so you won't need to tease your hair too much. Otherwise, go for a similar wig.

#3. Simple Blunt Bob

Speaking of classics, the blunt-cut bob will never be going out of style. Celebrities must be loving it for its simplicity and versatility. This haircut suits every face shape, though you have to consider your hair texture as well. If your hair is thin and tends to look flat, then you risk having a dull-looking hairstyle. However, a blunt bob wig will always look voluminous, and won't need harsh styling.

a woman with curly, asymmetrical bob haircut

#4. An Elegant, Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a type of uneven haircut when one side of hair appears to be shorter than the other side. This haircut always looks high-end, and won't demand as much maintenance as its brother's blunt bob. Wear your short haircut curly for more romantic appeal, or razor-sharp for a sleek look. 

a portrait of a ginger woman with short French bob haircut

#5. Chic French Bob

The French Bob demands constant attention, but this look is so worth the fuzz. Everything is perfect about this haircut: from just above the chin lengths, sharp cut, and side bangs, to medium-sized fridge styled to the side. You can opt for a Matilda-inspired look with a middle parting and no bangs.

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