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Are you tired of the same old hairstyle and looking to spice up your look this season? Look no further than these 10 trendy choppy haircuts for every hair type and texture. Each of these versatile cuts has taken the beauty world by storm! You won't find anything more suitable for a fresh, modern look. From the messy bottleneck bob to the shaggy layers, these styles will have you turning heads wherever you go. Hence, I invite you to check them out and pick your favorite!

lilly collins with Butterfly haircut and long bangs

1. Butterfly Cut with Bangs

The butterfly cut is a stunning new hair trend that has taken over the fashion and beauty world. This unique style features layers carefully cut to create a butterfly-like effect, with shorter layers framing the face and longer layers creating a fluttery, wispy look. The addition of bangs adds an extra touch of chicness, making this style a must-try for anyone looking to update their hair look. 

selfie of a young woman with Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

2. Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

The next popular hairstyle features choppy layers and textured ends. The wold hair cut takes inspiration from the iconic mullet hair trend and the 70s shag, resulting in a modern and edgy take on a classic look. It features longer layers framing the face and shorter layers throughout the rest of the hair, creating a tousled, wild look that resembles a wolf's mane. The length of the cut usually falls just below the shoulders, but it can be personalized for your liking.

selfie of Sophie Bathsheba Thatcher with textured blonde mullet hair

3. Textured Mullet

The origins of the Mullet haircut can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s when rock and roll music was at its peak. The hairstyle was popularized by musicians such as David Bowie, Rod Stewart, and Paul McCartney, who sported the iconic short front and sides with a longer back. Upgrade the classic mullet with choppy layers, and you'll get a trendy look. The textured mullet is perfect for those looking for a bold haircut that's low maintenance and easy to style. 

jenna ortega with Bottleneck Bob hair and Choppy Ends posing to the camera on a red carpet
Jenna Ortega

4. Bottleneck Bob with Choppy Ends

So what is the so-called 'bottleneck' bob? Refinery29 defines this trendy cut as a 'style that sits in between a face-framing curtain bang and something a little fuller..', which means it is a layered bob with a sleek look on top and voluminous, choppy ends. This haircut has become super popular in recent years. No surprise, as it is low-maintenance and versatile. A bottleneck, choppy bob looks especially beautiful on thin, lightweight hair as the texture in the ends of the hair adds volume and movement to the cut.

selfie of a young woman with Modern Shag Haircut

5. Modern Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is a popular layered hairstyle. It became popular in the early 1970s thanks to the barber Paul McGregor. The main characteristics of this haircut are heavy layers with longer hair strands around the face and shorter throughout the rest of the hair. The iconic shag regained popularity in the recent few years, together with mullet and butterfly cut.

selfie of a young, blonde woman with Spiky Pixie Cut

6. Spiky Pixie Cut

Are you ready for something slightly more edgy? Then you simply have to try out the spiky pixie cut look. Short and spiky pixie is cut in choppy layers, typically around one to two inches (2-5 cm). This style is a popular choice among alternative style lovers. If your hair suffered chemical or heat damage, and your regular hair care routine doesn't help, the spiky pixie might be a way out!

selfie of a young woman with Asymmetrical Graduated Lob haircut

7. Asymmetrical Graduated Lob

The next haircut trend is a classic lob (aka long bob) with a slightly futuristic twist to this look – asymmetrical, graduated layers. This style can be worn straight and sleek or tousled and textured, making it a versatile option for any occasion. However, it can be hard to style, as it needs to be styled during and after drying. Use a round brush to blow dry your hair and create volume close to the roots. Be sure to blow dry your hair in the direction of the asymmetrical angle to emphasize the graduated layers. Apply a texturizing spray or pomade to the ends of your hair to define the look.

young woman with Razor Cut hair and Curtain Bangs

8. Razor Cut with Curtain Bangs

The razor cut has become a popular alternative to traditional scissor cut. Razor blades create texture, movement, and dimension in the hair, making it look more voluminous. It also results in a softer and more natural hair look. Try this razor blade haircut with curtain bangs for a youthful, casual look. It is particularly well-suited for those with fine or thin hair, as the razor cut can create the illusion of thicker and fuller locks.

selfie of a beautiful, young woman with long and curly ginger hair

9. Long, Feathered Layers

I love my long hair and don't plan any dramatic changes soon. However, the long and featured hair might be a look! Long hair is more versatile, as it can be worn up, down, or styled in many ways. When feathered layers are added to the formula, this versatility is enhanced even further, as layers open up a range of styling options.

beautiful young woman with Choppy Pageboy haircut

10. Choppy Pageboy Cut

Pageboy is one of those retro hairstyles that go through a second renaissance. This style is characterized by its smooth, rounded silhouette, which hugs the head and creates a clean, polished look. But, to achieve a choppy pageboy cut, your hairstylist will add layers throughout the hair. This will create a textured effect. The ends of the hair may be razored or point-cut to create a jagged look, and the fringe may be cut at an angle or in layers.

Final Thoughts

Choppy, layered, teased, and hairsprayed –  this was my to-go styling way in the late 10s. I'm happy these hair looks are popular once again. Unlike sleek and polished bobs, choppy hairstyles forgive your styling mistakes, turning them into an edgy vibe. So, are you ready to plunge and try one of these trendy choppy haircuts today?

Lots of love,