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May of 2023 marks a decade of my online presence as a blogger. What started as a teeny-tiny internet corner with my thoughts and reviews on affordable makeup and skincare products transformed into the blog I know now. Instead of bragging and boring you with statistics and other unimportant (for most of us) blog-related things, I decided to talk about what blogging as a hobby or business offers you as a creator. Here are ten short points that will help you to understand how a decade of regular blogging transforms your lifestyle and helps you with personal growth. Hopefully, some of these thoughts will motivate you to start your own journey!

  • Blogging is an essential everyday need

After 10 years of blogging, you can hardly imagine a day of your life without this activity. It becomes as necessary for your sanity as a nutritious breakfast, oral hygiene, or email checking. I often find myself thinking about headlines and new topics for my blog posts while I'm showering or washing dishes, enjoying every minute of that thought process.

  • It is a constant self-improvement

Consciously, or unconsciously, regular blogging pushes you on a self-improvement path. As you continue to blog and receive positive feedback from your audience, your confidence in your writing naturally increases. Together with self-improvement, you improve your blog for your readers, boosting your confidence and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

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  • You learn self-discipline

Successfully maintaining a blog for ten+ years requires excellent time management skills and discipline. Even if you are the sloppiest and the most unbalanced person in the world (by the way, I'm one of those) you'll eventually learn the ability to balance your online and offline presence.

  • It organizes your inner thoughts

Blogging allows you to relax and organize your mind. It is a sort of meditative practice, as it calms you down, lets you concentrate, and free your mind of unnecessary worries. As you write about a particular topic or share your experiences, you naturally delve deeper into your thoughts and emotions. This reflection allows you to gain a better understanding of your perspectives, and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • You become more introverted

And it is not necessarily a bad thing. Spending much time writing, taking pictures and videos, and growing your blog or microblog naturally makes you more introverted. Do you remember painter Frida Kahlo? When asked why she paints herself and her private life, she said, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best." I believe most content creators would agree with that. When you spend a lot of time researching subjects, and systemizing them into your content, you automatically substitute your need for communication with self-contemplation, becoming whole.

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  • Blogging teaches you extra skills

Writing for a blog often involves researching and exploring various topics and news. Gathering information and expanding your knowledge base can lead to new connections and discoveries. By sharing what you learn through your blog, you solidify your understanding and foster a habit of continuous learning.

Additionally, blogging teaches you a few extra skills like photo and video editing, using online tools for bloggers, and communicating with brands and other bloggers. I personally drastically improved my English! All thanks to 10 years of everyday blogging.

  • Your creativity starts to flourish

The process of blogging often requires generating new ideas for topics, and content. It stimulates you to engage with your audience and other content creators, developing your creativity. Additionally, blogging opens up your mind to creative thinking and encourages you to explore different perspectives, angles, and approaches to your content. You won't be stuck inside your blog niche, eventually investigating other potential new corners for your blog.

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  • At times, it disappoints you

Of course, it is not all about positivity and creativity. After 10 years of everyday blogging, you understand the downsides of this hobby. First of all, most of the old-fashioned bloggers don't receive as much feedback as they deserve. But, what I know for sure, is you won't be writing and creating new content for nobody! Sooner or later, there will be people, who will stumble upon your blog and thank you for helping them. 

Second, you may find the blogging community less than welcoming. People do not hurry to open up their secrets or help you. At times you'll feel like you knock on the closed door with people laughing at your back. 

  • But, blogging opens up new doors

No matter how micro is your blog every day blogging will open up many doors for new collaborations and perspectives. Thanks to my contact need for blogging, I tried numerous beauty devices and products, met various business representatives (offline, of course), and participated in communities. When I first started writing on my blog, I wasn't sure anyone would read me! But after a year of regular posting, the very first store reached out with an offer to collaborate. I clearly remember how important was this first collaboration for me, and how happy I was at that moment.

an aesthetic flatlay or vintage-inspired art supplies for journaling

  • Your blog is a hobby with zero to no investment

When I started my blog, I spent zero dollars on its maintenance. For years, I used a basic Blogspot domain name and a free blogger theme. While it's beneficial to begin your blogging journey with a well-thought-out plan, an attractive design, and a domain name from a business standpoint. Still, hiring a team of SEO experts and an advertising agency may not be crucial to achieving success as a blogger with thousands of monthly views. The only real investment you'll need for starters is your time!

Final Thoughts...

Over the past decade, blogging has become an essential everyday activity, and I can't imagine my life without it. Writing, sharing, thinking, and browsing are like a morning cup of coffee or an evening kiss on the cheek – something very dear to the heart, a good habit I practice regularly. As with any other activity, blogging has its ups and downs. At times it makes you feel frustrated, locked inside an imaginative box. Other times you feel stagnated and feel like there is no way out of an obsolete cycle of written content creation. 

However, most of the time, blogging allows you to feel a part of a greater community of individuals who love to express themselves without looking for approval. It relaxes you, organizes your thoughts, teaches you patience, and develops the palms of your hands! 

Lots of love,