a portrait of woman with voluminous wavy hair

Just in a few weeks, the summer will be here, and that means we can all kick-start the hot season with a new hairstyle. Luckily for all of us, hair trends, just like makeup and fashion trends, have a tendency to come back, and this summer season isn't going to be an exception. Thanks to the Tik Tok, and its viral abilities to return the old-forgotten trends back on track, the 70s hair is going to be huge this summer. So, with the help of Ula Hair, I've compiled some of the most interesting hair trends from the 70s, that look beautiful and relevant even today. And, if your hair is not ready for drastic changes, you can always rely on a high-quality wig, right?

a portrait of woman with long, wavy hair

1. Dark Roots

Call them intentionally grown roots, shadow roots, or simply dark roots, the effect is going to be the same — a highly appealing, low-maintenance hairstyle. The worldwide pandemic has definitely taught us how to stay mobile and maintain your own life without the help of professionals. The dark root trend is exactly what all blonds need during the lockdown period. Such hair coloring technique looks awesome even after a few months of growing out, so you don't need to go back to the salon as often. 

a portrait of a woman in the studio with long ginger hair
Photo: Anastasiya Sidorova

2. Long, Virgin Hair

Another lockdown-forced hair trend, which was very popular during the 70s (thank you, Cher!) is the long, sleek, untouched hair. Even though it looks like high-maintenance hair, it is pretty convenient to have long, natural hair, especially if you don't want to constantly dye and cut it. Simply comb it out, part it in the middle, throw a headband and you'll get an effortless, bohemian look. If your hair isn't as long as Cher's used to be, pick yourself a few lace frontal closure wigs which have different hair textures, and enjoy!

a portrait of a woman with shag haircut
Photo: Tanya Ravichandran

3. Messy Shag

An untamed hair look was just as popular in the 70s as it is popular today. There are a whole bunch of modern haircuts, that can be styled accordingly: bobs, mullets, long layers. But, messy shag looks the best of them all. Stack your bathroom rack with products like mousse, hairspray, and sea salts, and start practicing your hair teasing techniques for this look.

a portrait of a woman with long curly hair
Photo: @ree.drizzy

4. Wet Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, and you want to define each and every little lock, then the next hair trend is perfect for you. The wet curls trend is known to re-appear at times, and it looks the most appropriate during the summer. All you need to get the mermaid-inspired wet curls is to soak your hair in conditioner, and later scrunch it with hair gel. You can also repeat these steps with your deep wave wig.

a portrait of a woman with short bob haircut

5. Blunt Bob

Bob is an everlasting hair trend. It was popular throughout the 60s, during the 70s, and just as well-liked today, as it was decades ago. If you aren't sure about cutting your hair into a bob, you can always opt for a wig with an HD transparent lace closure. These wigs have a very thin, almost transparent lace, giving you the freedom of customization.

a portrait of a woman with long hair and long bangs

6. Long Bangs

Short bangs definitely look frisky and youthful, yet the 70s was all about those mysterious, eye-covering bangs. Combine your long bangs with layers and you'll get yourself a perfect hairstyle that will frame your beautiful face. All you'll need to finish your look is to add a few accessories like silk scarves and natural flowers, and, of course, a matching retro makeup.

a portrait of a woman with long, wavy hairstyle

7. Boho or Feathered Waves

Voluminous, wavy hair, simply parted in the middle or paired with curtain bangs is probably my favorite hair look inspired by the 70s. These luscious waves were also called feathered waves, as they were brushed and styled to the back, giving them a feather-like appearance. This hairstyle looks just as fresh and fun today, thanks to the Tik Tok and its countless hair tutorials featuring the feathered wave look. If you have medium to long hair the boho waves are going to be a great option for summer, if not, pick yourself a wavy wig and style it the way you like.

a portrait of ariana grande with a high ponytail hairstyle

8. High Ponytail

Ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to nail. It is versatile, comfortable, and very popular in the summer. Plus, it looks fantastic with any bangs you already have! Tease the crown of your hair, separate the bangs, and pick the rest of your hair up. You can use some retro-looking accessories to give your ponytail even more of the 70s appearance. Or you can simply hide the elastic hand by wrapping a section of your hair around it.

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