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Since the watch was invented, it has become a staple in men's fashion. Watches give off an air of sophistication and class that is undeniable. Besides, they add a class to one’s personality without much effort. But choosing a watch that fits someone's personality and needs can be challenging as you have to consider every aspect before buying it.

If you are considering purchasing a new watch with high-end rubber watch bands for yourself or someone else, this article will guide you through what to look for when purchasing one. You'll find several tips to buy the perfect watch, and also a sneak peek of different types of watches suitable for men.

Things to consider when buying a watch:


Consider the type of watch you want to buy, from a dress watch to an outdoor sports watch. For this, you must know the interests of the person for whom you are buying the watch. Whether the person prefers classic watches or sports watches, it will always be helpful to consider the type to get the perfect one.


The case of the watch is an important consideration, particularly if you will be wearing it often. The most common material for watches cases is stainless steel and gold but there's also platinum, which offers a luxurious look and feel that many people prefer.

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Band type:

Apart from being made of different materials, wristwatches come in two types of bands- leather or metal (links). Metal links have an elegant weight to them, while leather straps are comfy on your skin; both offer durability. You should buy one depending on what you're looking for. For example, metal link bracelets may not work well during outdoor activities like hiking or cycling, where sweat can weaken the clasp against your skin and cause irritation.


Most watches come in two standard sizes: small (for wrists measuring between 130 mm and 190mm) or large (between 210 mm to 280 mm). If you're unsure of which watch size is best for your wrist, use a tape measure. A watch should be worn on the inside of the wrist with its face visible at all times. It must sit snugly against your skin, so avoid buying one that fits too loosely or has too much slack when fastened around your wrist.

Look and Feel:

You should also consider the look and feel of your watch. Some people prefer watches with an understated face, especially those who work in a conservative environment or for whom time is not their top priority. Others may enjoy wearing flashy watches designed to attract attention so they can coordinate them with outfits accordingly. If you want to go for classy watches, then make sure to check out Yema timepieces of France as they are suitable for both casual and formal looks.

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If you have more than one watch, it's essential to know how best to store them properly to not wear out any leather bands prematurely and prolong their life span. A good option is getting a custom-made box specifically fitted for your collection; alternatively, there are many stylish watch boxes available online that will do just fine too!


It is essential to plan a suitable budget before you start shopping for a watch. Determine what price range you want to stay within and if the watch is going to be more of an investment piece or just something fun that will serve as your daily timepiece.

Different types of watches:

There are many different types of watches on the market. You'll need to spend some time researching which will be a perfect one for your requirements. To help you out, here are some of the common watches below, so make sure you check them out.

Dress watch: A dress watch is a formal watch that is worn during special occasions and work functions. It usually has a metal bracelet or leather strap, a thin design, and minimal decoration to keep it classy.

Sports Watch: Sports watches are specially designed for athletes as they have features like water resistance and shock absorption (for hard surfaces). They may come with GPS functionality, too, so you can track your performance while running outdoors. Plus, thanks to places like Mobile Mob (https://mobilemob.com.au/collections/fitbit-charge-3-bands-straps), the straps of these watches can be changed to reflect the wearer's unique style and preferences when it comes to aesthetics.

Casual Watch: Casual watch is the one most people wear daily as this type of watch is affordable, simple, and stylish. Different types of casual watches are available in the market depending on your preference - leather wristband, stainless steel band, plastic strap, etc. Generally, if you're looking for an everyday wearable piece rather than occasional pieces, then a casual watch is the way to go.

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Business Watch:

The black dress watch, as it's called a business watch, is something that will suit any professional environment, such as an office or courtroom setting where you want your outfit to have a more formal look.

Running/multisport watch: These watches are made with special features like water resistance, scratch resistance, and an altimeter. Multisport watches can be used for any type of exercise, while a running watch is designed specifically for runners who want to track their distance/speed.

Competitive sports watch:

If you're a competitive athlete or just someone looking to improve your performance in a particular sport, then these are the types of watches that will suit your needs best with features like GPS tracking, heart rate sensors, interval timers, etc. These differentiating factors allow them to have more accurate readouts than other styles of timepieces which makes them perfect if you need something precise but don't want it on your wrist all day long.

The right timepiece for you will depend on your lifestyle and personal taste. If looking to invest in a luxury item, dress watches are made with premium materials like gold or diamonds that can increase their value over time and last through generations as they aren't specifically designed to be worn while doing any physical activity. Contrarily, if you're going to be wearing your watch often, then make sure it's water-resistant, so it doesn't die in case of an accident!

The Takeaway:

Buying a watch is a big purchase and is not something you want to do on a whim. Make sure you follow this guide while buying the watch so that you make the right investment.

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