close-up of a cool grunge nail look with taupe is dope nail polish by sinful colors

Everyone knows life's simple truths – you can have enough shoes, lipsticks, and nail polishes in your collection. Especially, if you are a huge nail polish enthusiast and love doing your manicure at home, playing around with colors, shapes, and designs. I'm not a huge fan of elaborate designs on my nails, simply because I get bored with the way they look too fast. 

So, between the waves of creativity, I love wearing calming, yet refined colors on my nails. And a few weeks ago I finally found two shades, which perfectly resemble my love for edgy neutrals. Let's get ready to sin together with Sinful Colors!

close-up of taupe is dope nail polish bottle by sinful colors

This was my very first acquaintance with the famous US brand. Of course, I have heard of Sinful Colors before, but I have never ever tried nail products. Their story started a long time ago in 1991 and I think this explains why their nail polishes are so stylish and grungy-looking. Their nail polishes have a unique range of shades (there are 10 color families available) and finishes (nine alluring finishes). It is so complicated to make a choice, but the results are totally worth the diligence! 

'Nirvana' and 'Taupe is Dope

Playing fair, I didn't struggle too much, choosing my favorite colors, because there were only a few colors available in my local online beauty store. Luckily two of them caught my eye and tickled my color receptors. I got two gorgeous shades: 'Nirvana' and 'Taupe is Dope, and can wait to share with you my sinful experience.

close-up of a cool grunge nail look with taupe is dope nail polish by sinful colors

Nail polish in color 'Nirvana', is described as smooth milk chocolate, but this color reminds me more of dark coffee color. It is very similar to another shade by Sinful Colors called 'Rebel'. And the second gem called 'Taupe Is Dope' is a purple taupe color, described as a sophisticated suede shade it is very similar to a shade called 'So Daupe!', but a bit darker. 

Both nail polishes are cool-toned, creamy, and very appealing. The colors belong to a neutral color family, but they are saturated and vibrant. You can get great coverage with only one coat of color. I really love the way they look on the nails, these shades give me grunge vibes and perfectly fit my slightly alternative taste.

close-up of a cool grunge nail look with nirvana nail polish by sinful colors

Formula & Consistency

As for the formula, Sinful Colors nail polishes have a perfect consistency – it is not too runny or too thick. Nail polishes glide smoothly on the surface of the nails, even out subtle imperfections, and perfectly cover every corner of the nail. As I have mentioned before, one rich coat is enough for decent coverage, but I like to apply two thin layers of color. 

To seal the final result I apply a clear topcoat and let the nail polish dry. The drying time depends on the thickness of the coats, so try to keep them fine and your manicure will dry faster. The longevity of Sinful Colors nail polishes is fascinating! With a good top coat, a manicure lasts for a week or even more with minor tip wear and no chipping.

close-up of a cool grunge nail look with nirvana nail polish by sinful colors

Final Thoughts

As a nail polish fan, with an exquisite taste for plain, but sophisticated nail colors, I always hunt for good new nail polishes. Ideal nail polish should have a durable, fast-drying formula, smooth coverage, and a very appealing (not disturbing) finish. I absolutely love these creamy neutral nail polishes by Sinful Colors. 

They are affordable and have all the qualities a good nail polish should possess. The only small inconvenience I had with the 'Nirvana' shade – it stained my nails. But this little issue can be easily prevented with the help of a good base coat. And what do you think, lovelies? Have you ever tried Sinful Colors nail polishes?

Lots of love,