a close-up of Natura Ekos Maracujá Hidratante in a woman's hand on tartan background

Winter is coming and that means we need to start changing out lightweight hand creams and body lotions for products with thicker textures and more nourishing formulas. Adding natural beauty oils to your skincare routine or using nourishing DIY homemade masks is always an idea, but why don't we get a good moisturizer with a lightweight formula. As the weather is getting colder and colder each day, I thought it is a perfect time to talk about one of the best creams for dry hands by the very famous Brazilian skincare brand Natura.

Let me start with a few words about the brand. Natura is one of the most famous and largest Brazilian manufacturers of beauty products. The company started its journey a long time ago in 1969 and deserved its authority. Natura uses natural and eco-friendly primary products for its cosmetics, trying to build a better world for the future. You can learn more about the Natura brand and the products they offer on the official website.

a close-up of a hand moisturizer Natura Ekos Maracujá close to the its cardboard package

Passion fruit nectar for your hands comes in an aluminum tube with a sturdy plastic cap. This packaging looks very much like the famous The Body Shop hand cream tubes. To tell the truth, I'm not a fan of aluminum packaging. It is so hard to squeeze the product out, especially when it is at the end. These tubes become deformed and unattractive very fast. Natura hand creams are available in two different sizes: 75 g./ 2.64 oz. and 40 g./ 1.4 oz. the bigger size lasts longer, but the smaller tube is so much easier to fit in your handbag.

a close up of a hand moisturizer by Natura Ekos Maracujá close to a bouqyete of lavender flowers

Natura hand cream has a rich moisturizing formula and a moderately dense texture. The cream is made with passion fruit oil-rich with Omega 6 — an essential fatty acid that promotes cell repair and growth. Natura hand nectar is water-based, so it doesn't feel heavy on the surface of the skin and doesn't leave an uncomfortable oily residue. 

The skin is nourished, silky, and moisturized throughout the whole day. Because of its dense texture, a little bit of product goes a long way, and you'll need just a small drop of the cream to moisturize both of your hands and even elbows. The skin stays smooth until you wash them or take a shower, so I like to re-apply it before going to bed.

ca swatch of moisturizer Natura Ekos Maracujá on woman's hand

Passion fruit is my favorite fruit, I love the sweet and sour taste and its exotic refreshing scent. Therefore, when picking this hand nectar, I was hoping for a very bright and juicy aroma. I will be honest, the scent is great: very lightweight, sweet and a little bit soapy; but it doesn't smell like passion fruit to me. But people, who don't like sweet-scented stuffy fragrances, will love its mild calming aroma.

Overall, I really liked using passion fruit hand nectar by Brazilian brand Natura. Its nourishing formula and long-lasting moisturizing effect pleasantly surprised my dry skin. In my opinion, it is one of the best hand creams for dry hands. It is hard to find a better cold-weather moisturizer, especially for such an affordable price. Passion fruit oil protects the skin, smoothing out the small hand wrinkles, cracks, and even nail cuticles. Do you also struggle with dry skin during the winter? What is your favorite cold-weather moisturizer?

Lots of love,