peel-off esmalte para unhas antes depois bege como fazer unhas naturais

I love doing my manicure at home! Shaping, filing, and painting is quite a relaxing experience for me, especially if the final results turn out to be worth the labor. But, at the same time, I don't feel like spending too much time on this task. Doing your own nails demands a certain level of dedication and some practice. Some people simply don't like the idea of spending money on manicure and pedicure procedures. Therefore, finding a quick and easy way to do your very own nails at home is an important priority for many nail care enthusiasts.

peel-off esmalte para unhas antes depois bege como fazer unhas naturais

I had an awesome opportunity to try out a brand-new peel-off lacquer by one of the most popular online beauty stores Born Pretty. They never stop to impress nail polish lovers with new colors, nail stamping plates, and formulations. This time Born Pretty launched a fresh collection of nail lacquers with a special peel-off formula. Born Pretty claims that these lacquers will last on the nails for a whole week (or even two), will dry on your nails in 45 seconds, and will have no harsh scent. Well, let's take a closer look at this new peel-off nail lacquer and find out if it is really as great, as they claim it to be!

peel-off esmalte para unhas antes depois bege como fazer unhas naturais

The whole concept of peel-off nail lacquer that easily comes off your nails isn't new, but still very fascinating I bet everyone heard (or maybe even used) special latex-based peel-off products, which help you protect the cuticle and reduce the mess. A peel-off nail lacquer works in the same way: you apply it on your nail plate, wait until it dries, and later peel it off your nails. Just imagine that you don't actually need a nail polish remover or acetone to take off any old nail polish. No more mess, bad scent, harmful chemicals, and dry cuticles! Peel-off your nail lacquer and your nails are ready for a fresh manicure.

The Sweet Bubble series - the sweet on your fingertips.

  • Gorgeous Shades & Formulation

I got a new peel-off lacquer in three gorgeous shades: nude, dark red, and gray. All of these shades featured in different color series. But today we are going to start with a pretty peach nude shade called Ms. Style from the Sweet Bubble* series. It comes in regular packaging and features a classic brush-applicator. 

As a matter of fact, peel-off nail polish is almost odorless. It has a very light scent of something slightly sweet, but it isn't disturbing at all. The consistency looks a lot thicker and denser than the consistency of regular nail polish. The pigmentation is just as good, as it was described on a website. With the right application, you can get opaque gel-like coverage with one coat.

peel-off esmalte para unhas antes depois bege como fazer unhas naturais

The Downsides...

But not everything about the formula is excellent, there are a few negative aspects to discuss. This peel-off lacquer takes forever to dry on the nails. I checked the time and it took a whole 10 to 15 minutes to dry on the surface of a nail. Honestly, I doubt there is a single nail enthusiast, who is ready to wait so long for their nails to dry. 

Nail lacquer doesn't look perfectly smooth and neat on the nails. I applied two coats of this lacquer and after adding a subtle iridescent pattern I created with Moonsky Glow varnish nail polish. To seal the deal, I used a no-smudge clear topcoat also by Born Pretty.

peel-off esmalte para unhas antes depois bege como fazer unhas naturais

  • Longevity and Removing

Talking about its longevity, in few hours after I finished my manicure and took pictures, I accidentally peeled a small part on one of my nails. Apart from this small problem, peel-off lacquer lasted a very long time with minor nail tip wear. I completely peeled it off in three or four days, but it could've lasted longer. 

Taking it off wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Cristine from Simply Nailogical makes it look so much easier! The whole process was pretty messy and I couldn't peel them off completely, so I used a nail polish remover to finish the process. My nails looked very dry under the coat of this lacquer, but no color stains whatsoever and it's awesome.


Overall, I wasn't completely pleased with the results of my very first peel-off manicure experience. The color pay-off and texture are simply gorgeous - candy-sweet nude with a cream-like consistency. But on the nails, it doesn't look neat and tidy but like a week-old lacquer. The formula dries on the nails for too long and the peeling process is even messier than a good old nail polish remover and cotton-ball procedure. Maybe I did something wrong while applying and drying my nails, I'm not sure. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, Have you ever tried a peel-off nail lacquer?

Lots of love,