Cropped Denim And Minimalism  Comfortably Sexy In A Shirtdress  Athleisure For Both Fitness And Fashion  Athleisure For Both Fitness And Fashion

Chic, pretty, and glamorously messy – modern fashion gals like Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner definitely know how to rock a casual outfit. We all admire the ease with which they can pull off the most basic of looks, but it’s comforting to know that you don’t always need to be in a perfectly polished outfit to look good.

The trick is to toe that line between laidback and shabby and to add just a touch of natural sexiness and charm into the mix. Sounds complicated? Not at all. Take a look at some of our favorite off-duty styling tips and tricks that the world’s best runway models use to look good even on casual days.

Alana Zimmer's off-duty fashion style to try out

  • Cropped Denim And Minimalism

Denim has always been the go-to piece for casual chic, and a really good pair of jeans can take you a long way. If there’s one thing that needs to be perfect in your wardrobe, let it be your jeans because they can do all sorts of cool stuff for your figure – from making your bum look more lifted, to elongating your legs. It’s no secret that models wear denim all the time, and we love how Alana Zimmer styles her slim-cropped pants with a dark turtleneck, a baggy long coat, and a pair of ankle boots. Top it all off with that pair of celebrity-inspired sunglasses and you’re good to go! 

Of course, you can do a warm-weather version of this look as well. Ditch the coat and the turtle neck, and stick to something simple – a slouchy white tee, or a logo shirt, and bangle on your hand for some added fun. You can switch the ankle boots for summer boots, or slip on a cute pair of kitten heels if you want a little more glam.

Fei Fei Sun off suty, street style outfit

  • Comfortably Sexy In A Shirtdress

A lot of people don’t really know what to do with a shirtdress because it looks like something you stole from your boyfriend when you were sleeping over. But honestly? That’s where the charm of it lies. With a pair of high-top Nike sneakers and a small cute backpack, you’ll be pulling off that messy sex appeal, but there’s also a way to make it look a lot more polished. 

We love Fei Fei Sun’s modern sleek take on the white shirt dress because she styles it with strappy black sandals and a big, green leather bag. Every detail is perfectly demure, right down to her neat little ponytail, her minimal makeup, and the watch around her wrist. If you want, you could pick a red or bright red bag to make them look even more eye-catching. 

Bella Hadid street style, athleisure

  • Athleisure For Both Fitness And Fashion

It’s really hard to beat athleisure when it comes to off-duty style. This trend started a few years ago and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, so why not use its popularity to enjoy comfortable yet entirely trendy getups? Bella Hadid is well-known for making sneakers look sexier than any heel, and ever since she became the face of Nike her athleisure game has been very strong. 

From distressed denim to slim black leggings, there are a thousand ways to rock athleisure, and we recommend that you invest in sweatpants and leggings that really hug your curves and show off your best features, then pair them with loose crop tops and oversized hoodies. 

Of course, your own pair of cool Nike shoes will complete the look, and to top it off, you’ll look very athletic and fitness-oriented. You can also do a messy bun on top of your head and your outfit will be downright Instagrammable.

Behati Prinsloo streetstyle inspiration

  • Silk And Sleek

Can off-duty looks be alluring? Absolutely! To pull it off you’ll need a silk camisole top, something that’s light and airy, perfect for a hot day when you just want to look delicate and feminine. Behati Prinsloo herself is a fan of silk tops, and she wears them with slim pants, though we can definitely see this look working with a maxi skirt. 

Accessorizing will be key here, so make sure you’ve got a good pair of shades and a tassel rope necklace to complement the outfit.

Kendall Jenner streetstyle to inspire

  • Black-And-White Stripes

Black-and-white stripes always had a bad rep for making us look chubbier than we are, but that has since been disproven. They can actually look pretty great on any figure, and Kendall Jenner knows that this pattern always looks super fashionable as long as you keep it all simple and accessorize everything the right way. 

With a black-and-white shirt, white Capri pants, and a pair of loafers, she looks perfectly casual and stylish, but her accessories are where the magic comes in – the red hat and shades make all the difference, and take this look from basic to high fashion. 

Final Thoughts...

As you can see, even the top models of the world work wear really simple garments when they’re not on the runway. With the right pieces to complement the outfits and some creativity, you can totally copy their looks and enjoy your new style.

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