woman in white shirt dress
Photo: Tamara Bellis

Today, there are many beautiful results in fashion because of the fusion of one thing and another. For instance, the shirt dress is one garb that fits this description perfectly. The blend of a shirt and a dress brings out a comfortable and elegant shirt dress. Once you get yourself a Lily Lulu Fashion shirt dress, you can style it in various ways according to your mood and occasion. It is an irresistibly chic attire, and everyone is trying to get two or three to add to their closets. How do you then go ahead and give your shirt dress a twist every time you wear it? Below are seven elegant ways to style your favorite shirt dress.

  • Add a Coat Over It

This is one way that you can opt to pair your shirt dress. As you choose the coat to pair it with, opt for a shade darker than the shirt dress. For this casual look to stand out, pair it with heels and add a clutch. Choose a clutch that is of the same shade as the whole outfit or one that is a complete contrast. This is a look you can wear anywhere you please, and it is a great look no matter what.

woman in olive midi shirt dress

  • Choose a Midi Shirt Dress

Since there are many types of shirt dresses, the midi option is one that you can choose to style for your next shirt dress look. They are elegant and unique. They give out an old-school appeal from their straight silhouette and dainty collar. The beauty of this midi shirt dress is with bold make-up and high heels. You'll be able to create an exquisite, fashionable look. Optionally, if you want to feel like you stepped out in a retro movie, wear a hat and ankle boots to give you that look.

  • Pair it With Jeans

Jeans never disappoint. Use one of your skinny jeans pairs and pair it with a shirt dress to achieve a different look. Do not worry. It will not look as if it is out of place. The most preferred here is blue denim as it is flexible. Also, if you feel like you have to clinch your waist with this styling option, there is no need as the silhouette does not affect your look. Opt for bold shoes if your dress is a light hue to add that extra something, or choose a contrasting purse.

woman in printed jumpsuit

  • Print on Print

This styling option is for those who dare to go bold with fashion. However, do not be afraid of it. If you choose your prints correctly, you will rock the look. To do this, remember a broader geometric pattern and color will determine the compatibility of the two. So, where the two prints have a shape or color in common, you are good to pair them. If you want to play it safe, wear a single-color shirt dress and pair it with a patterned jacket.

  • Shirt on Shirt

Pulling this look is not easy. However, if you can do it and get it as you should, you will get many positive compliments. One way to get this look is to wear a monochrome shirt dress. Pair with a patterned or striped shirt over it and unbutton it. If you feel the need, tie a narrow belt to secure both in place. Accessorize with matching shoes and bags.

woman in denim shirt dress

  • Go for Denim Shirt Dresses

This is a must-have for those who love denim. But still, everyone should give this denim shirt dress a try. They come in a straight silhouette, and you can opt not to wear a belt. The best colors to look out for are rough black or washed-out blue. If you want to soften it out as denim has a rugged feel, pair it with colorful shoes. Accessorize with a simple sling bag and chunky earrings to complete your look.

  • Go for the Oversize

Oversized shirt dresses are probably the most comfortable. You can style them casually any time of the year. When you decide to wear this style, try pairing it with shorts or a floor-length, flowing hippie skirt. To get the most comfort of the look, avoid cinching your shirt dress around the waist. Instead, allow it to flow freely. For the shoes, wear gladiator sandals and a trendy handbag.

Let's summarize...

So, there you have it! These seven creative ways will help you to rock a shirt dress any time of year! Whether you're embracing the breezy warmth of summer or layering up against winter's chill, the shirt dress is a timeless wardrobe staple that you can always rely on. It's the chameleon of clothing, adapting to any mood or event. So next time you reach for that comfy shirt dress, remember the endless possibilities it holds. Happy styling!

Lots of love,