a photo of a woman in a field wearing a casual summer dress
Photo: Tamara Bellis

Wondering what to wear casually this summer?  Throw your old white t-shirts and distressed cropped jeans deep behind your folded clothes in your wardrobe, because you are not going to use them this season. This summer season has prepared some mesmerizing casual fashion trends, which are way better, than the classic t-shirt and jeans combination. Today we are going to find out how to incorporate major summer fashion trends into our everyday life. From strict vertical stripes to pastel ruffles, here are a few beautiful casual summer outfits, that are going to be attractive and comfortable.

fashion collage with three casual summer dresses with vertical stripes

Vertical Stripes

Every fashionista loves to wear stripes because stripes are a classic staple in the fashion world. They work perfectly on both casual and formal occasions and it is easy to style them. While horizontal striped outfits can be trickier to pull off, strict and thin vertical stripe looks flattering on any body type. And it is no secret, that vertical stripes can even make you look slimmer and taller, creating an illusion of curves. Try combining a few summery trends in one outfit: oversized sleeve shirt and long black stripes, lightweight cropped top with navy stripes of a striped romper. 

fashion collage with three casual summer looks with ruffle trend

Romantic Ruffles

Ruffles are the lightweight waves of clothing, that look like flower petals. You may love or hate ruffles, but they've made a major comeback to the fashion world. There is nothing more feminine than a beautiful combination of sheer fabrics, pastel colors, and ruffles. And don't be afraid to wear ruffled fashion casually, because ruffles can be just as informal as stripes. Try to wear a ruffled off-shoulder top with a denim skirt and flat sandals for a boho look. A faded salmon mini dress with vintage ruffled sleeves will emphasize your romantic personality.

fashion collage with three casual summer dresses with floral prints

Sweet Florals

The floral print is one of those never-ending fashion trends, that comes back on catwalks and in our wardrobes almost every summer season. But every time it returns with a brand new, refreshing blossoming. Choosing the right floral print can be challenging because flowers cannot stand cheap fabric and low-quality print. Try picking natural summer-friendly fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. Avoid super tiny or very large flowers on your clothes, or they might look unflattering.

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