a close-up of silicone brush for face mask on a rosy background

Hello my lovely readers, how are you doing today? I want to dedicate this review to everyone, who struggles to apply a thin layer of face mask on the skin, who hate to clean makeup and skincare tools, and simple to everyone, who doesn't like to use their hands to apply their skincare products. Today, I'm going to show you this Silicone Face Mask Brush*, a tool that has changed my skincare routine. And, without further ado, let me explain to you how it happened.

a close-up of silicone brush for face mask on a rosy background

First of all, it is not the best idea to apply the facial mask with a regular makeup brush, especially if you are using a brush with natural bristles. Beauty oils, clay, thermal cream, and frequent washing can ruin the fragile bristles of your favorite brush. You can also try applying your mask with clean hands, but it isn't too comfortable when you have long nails: components and exfoliating particles just love to stick under the nails. Honestly, it makes no difference how you prefer to apply your face mask, it is all a matter of your personal preference. The only suggestion here is to use clean tools and hands, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to acne and blemishes.

The silicone face mask brush or mask tool looks a little bit like a frosting spatula, which pastry-cook uses to decorate cakes. The handle of the brush is made of lightweight synthetic material and a flat silicone applicator. With a help of this soft silicone tool-brush, you can apply any facial mask on your skin, without wasting any extra gram of the precious product and without making your hands dirty. Besides, you can always use it to apply delicious frosting to the cake!

blogger Liz Breygel shows how to apply face mask on to a face with a silicone brush

Unlike any regular synthetic brush, this silicone mask tool doesn't demand extra labor o a special washing product to become squeaky clean after usage. All you need to do is rinse it under the flow of water and dry it with a paper towel, and you can use it again. The silicone material is inert to bacterial and fungi growth, therefore it is ideal for use in the makeup and skincare industry. Well, this brush made me fall in love with skincare masks once again, because it saves me so much time and patience.

Overall, I totally recommend this little helper to everyone with long nails. We never know what lies under our fingernails! This particular silicone face mask brush is available in four pretty colors: green mint, bright pink, salmon, and white. But you can check out the whole range of makeup brushes and other tools, that will ease your makeup and skincare routine. Please, feel free to use a special discount code LIZE10 to receive 10 % off your purchase, while shopping at Beauty Big Bang. I'll talk to you very soon!

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