close-up of an almond oil primer by city color cosmetics on a plain black background

The smooth, poreless skin is a key to a flawless foundation and net makeup look. However, most of us can't brag about the perfect-looking doll-like skin. We all have fine lines, pores, and blemishes. That's when face oils come in handy. So, my sweet ladies and gentlemen, my never-ending City Color Cosmetics epopee continues and today we are going to take a look at City Color Primer Oil* an unusual non-greasy oil that smooths and softens the skin, preparing it for makeup foundation. Why unusual? Let's discover the secrets this beauty potion holds.

Primer oil is housed in my favorite classy and simple packaging: a clear glass bottle with a dropping dispensing system. The dropper dispenser is perfect for runny makeup products and beauty oils because it helps you control the desired quantity of the product you need at the moment. City Color Primer Oil is absolutely transparent without any bright scent. The consistency of the oil is very fine and lightweight, it absorbs in no time, leaving the surface of the skin lightly moisturized and smooth.

close-up of an almond oil primer by city color cosmetics on a plain black background

To prepare your face skin for the foundation you will need only a few tiny drops of this primer oil. A little goes a long way! I recommend you start priming dry and problematic areas of your face: little on your forehead to smooth out the lines, on your nose to fill in enlarged pores, and under your eyes to moisturize the area. Drop a tiny amount of oil on your face and gently massage it onto your skin and concentrate on dry areas. But, this primer oil isn't just a makeup primer, actually, it can solve more beauty tasks, than you think.

Basically, you can use this product anywhere and anyhow you like, because it is not just a face primer, but a multi-functional beauty oil and that's why I like it so much. Feel like your nails need some nourishment - sprinkle them with a primer oil; dry hair ends - revive them with a few drops of this elixir. You can even add it to your foundation or concealer, to make the consistency less rich, and more runny and lightweight. 

close-up of an almond oil primer by city color cosmetics on a plain black background

City Color Primer Oil is based on Meadowfoam seed oil, which naturally helps your skin to effectively form a barrier to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients deep into your skin. Its formula is enriched with Vitamin E prevents skin irritations and blocks free radicals from the body, helping our skin to stay young and beautiful.

Overall, I love how smooth and silky my skin feels when I use this primer oil. It works well with my dry skin and thanks to its non-greasy formula, it will work for people with oily skin as well. Primer has become an essential beauty step in my makeup routine, effectively smoothing the 'canvas' and protecting my skin from harmful environmental factors. So, if you are hunting for a great budget-friendly and multi-functional primer, that you can use as a beauty oil and mix with other makeup products, this product might be what you need.

Lots of love,