blogger Liz Breygel demonstrates a close-up of her lips with a dark lipstick by City Color Cosmetics

What is your favorite kind of wine? Everyone around me was always obsessed with white dry wine, but I have never shared the same feelings about this drink. As a sweet tooth, I enjoy the sugary strength of dark, viscid red wine, usually used in the Divine Liturgy. I’m also a big fan of dark, burgundy lipstick and can wear it throughout the whole year, not minding the season behind the window. 'Chocolate Merlot'* is one of those lip colors, which I love the same way as the old-fashioned altar wine.

a close-up of a city color lipstick on a plain black background

You may have heard about 'Chocolate Merlot' lipstick from my City Color Huge Makeup Haul. It comes in classic liquid lipstick packaging with a soft sponge-tipped applicator. As a part of the 'Creamy Lips' series, it has a velvety texture and caring formula that keeps your lips' natural moisture well-preserved. My 'Chocolate Merlot' is a well-pigmented dark burgundy shade with a neutral undertone and semi-matte finish. This haunting shade is perfect for those gloomy days when you feel obsolete, but still want to look alluring.

a close-up swatch of a chocolate merlot lipstick by city color cosmetics on a light skin

The opacity of the lipstick is sheerer than expected. I was hoping for full coverage in one single layer, but it takes a few swipes and a little bit of effort to build up a desirable bold and opaque lip look. The lipstick applies easily on the lips, doesn't accentuate dry patches or fine lines.

It doesn't feel heavy on the lips and, luckily, doesn't bleed out, however, I still recommend you to use a lip pencil before applying the color on your lips. If you aren't a big lover of refined lip look, lightly dab the color onto your lips and you will get a beautifully stained lip effect.

blogger Liz Breygel demonstrates a close-up of her lips with a dark lipstick by City Color Cosmetics

Well, I have never tried an actual chocolate merlot, but if its taste is just as delicious as the color, I'm definitely going to love this wine. It is safe to say that 'Chocolate Merlot' is an incredible long-lasting lip color. It feels comfortable and lightweight on the lips, has a divine scent of liquid chocolate and a sleek silky finish. I admit that it is hard to achieve a perfect lip outline, but not everyone wears lipstick in this way. At the moment, 'Creamy Lips' lipstick is available in 11 gorgeous shades: from summer-approved tickled pink to everyday-friendly nude lavender.

Lots of love,