a close-up of a brown eye with living coral festive eye look for the new year's party

According to the latest Pantone color report 'living coral' will be the color of the next 2019 year. Lively, bright, and eye-catching 'living color' is a perfect blend between a tangerine and sweet watermelon hues. I'm in love with this shade, it makes blue, green, and brown eyes stand out! That's why this New Year night I'm definitely going to wear a 'living coral' color on my eyes and strongly suggest you try it out as well. Follow this easy step-by-step makeup tutorial for a festive and vivid spotlight on New Year's eye makeup!

makeup collage with a step-by-step pictorial showing how to do a living coral eye look for new year's party

How to Do a Living Coral Eye Look for New Year's?

  • We want our New Year makeup look to last all day and night long, so starting an eye makeup with an eyeshadow primer is a great idea. Apply primer all over the lid up to the brow bone and gently spread the product on the skin. Let it few minutes and meanwhile shape and fill in your eyebrows

  • To make your eyes stand out and look brighter apply white frosty eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes and under the brow bone. For the crease use a light matte salmon color, softly blending it with a fluffy blending brush upwards. Matte salmon eyeshadow on the crease will accentuate the crease and help the blending process.

  • Now it is time for living coral eyeshadow color. I applied it to the inner and outer parts of the lid, leaving the central part untouched. Re-apply a tiny amount of eyeshadow primer on the center and gently dab it on the skin.

  • Fill in the central part of the eyelid with frosty white eyeshadow. You can also apply some shimmer or glitter for a touch of festive New Year sparkles. Blend any harsh lines and clean up the mess and let's move to the bottom lash line. Everything is simple here - living coral eyeshadow and a touch of matte salmon shade to blend everything together.

  • To finish the look add a black wing, the bolder the better! Curl your lashes, put on a few coats of mascara, and as a final touch add false lashes. VoilĂ ! The bright living coral makeup look is done, are you ready to party?

a close-up of a brown eye with living coral festive eye look for the new year's party

Undoubtedly, turquoise lipstick would be the perfect buddy for this coral spotlight eye makeup, but soft strawberry lipstick will beautifully balance out the look. And what do you think of this makeup? I really hope this little step-by-step makeup tutorial was somehow useful to you guys and maybe even some of you will try it out! Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen, until next time!

Lots of love,