a couple of wedding rings on a wedding bouquete

Did you know that festive Christmas Eve is the most popular time of the year to get engaged? I believe New Year's night, when people celebrate the end of the previous year and welcome the new begging, is such as nice engagement as a Christmas annual festival! Don't hesitate and get romantic this holiday season, your partner will be excited to get a wedding proposal on this special day. 

So, if you like the idea, you should start planning one of the biggest decisions of your life today and get the ideal ring engagement ring for your partner. You have the power to turn this Christmas Eve a night, that you and your partner will remember your whole life.

collage with two diamond engagement rings

Planning the perfect marriage proposal night is overwhelming and picking the ring engagement ring can be even more confusing, especially for guys. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you with the top three engagement rings trends to narrow down the options and make the Christmas proposal night even more memorable and atmospheric.

I've collected these engagement rings at Jeulia online jewelry store, which crafts the most elegant and unique pieces. Jeulia believes that jewelry is not just an accessory, which you wear daily. The jewelry is something more, than just a beautiful piece of art, it can emphasize your personality, adding an important statement to your overall look.

collage with two diamond engagement rings

Talking about the most popular engagement ring choices, I want to start with three stone wedding sets like Meghan Markle's engagement ring. Princess Harry chose a classic yellow gold ring with three diamonds, where the center diamond has a fancy cushion cut. Isn't this the right ring for the princess? You can get a similar engagement ring, but with silver, rose gold, or platinum metal and a cut of your choice.

Keeping the engagement process secret is always a great idea. But not everyone is certain in their jewelry taste! Give your partner freedom of choice by picking a few different wedding sets for her and let your beautiful bride choose the one she adores the most. Graceful platinum and white gold engagement rings are considered to be one of the most classic options, but this year rose gold has become more trendy. Take into your account romantically appealing rose gold rings, your future life partner will love it!

collage with two diamond engagement rings

And lastly, the everlasting classic engagement rings never go out of jewelry fashion. Keep your mind open and don't be shy to opt-out for a slightly less controversial, but elegant and sophisticated piece. A classic 3 piece wedding ring set with a soft twist on classic engagement ring designs will fascinate your partner. The three-piece sets look so posh and in an upper-class way, while the classic pear diamond shape gives this engagement ring an elongated and exquisite appearance.

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