a close-up of a brown eye with a glamorous, red glitter eye look for Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a few weeks left until the best and most highly anticipated time of the year. Christmas Eve is all about saturated holiday colors, sparkling glitter, delicious food, and deep conversations with your best friends and relatives. Whether you are planning to spend your Christmas day and night with your family, colleagues, or the person you love, you are going to need a nice holiday makeover! 

So now, when we have decided to give our nails a glamorous cranberry red look it is time to think about a matching and equally festive makeup look. Is there anything more Christmas-appropriate, than cranberry red glitter? Red sparkles will beautifully fit the glamorous red nails and the overall celebratory atmosphere of the Christmas party.

makeup collage with a step-by-step pictorial showing how to do a glitter eyeliner look for christmas

How to Do a Red Glitter Christmas Eye Look?

 Start your Christmas makeup look with an eyeshadow primer. Apply a tiny bit of product on your eyelid and gently spread it all over the lid with a ring finger. Let the primer absorb and slightly powder it with translucent powder or matte eyeshadow, close to skin color. Primer will help your Christmas look to last all day and night long, making the colors appear brighter.

• Next apply matte light brown eyeshadow on the crease, softly blending it with a fluffy blending brush. This tiny detail will define your crease and intensify the overall look. Highlight the area under the brow bone with a pearly white highlighter. You can also add a highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes.

• Moving to the best part of the look - dramatic red eyeliner. I used matte liquid lipstick to draw the medium wing on the lid. To make the wing extra sharp and neat I used paper tape, but regular tape also works great. On the top of the cranberry red wing, I applied a little bit of eyelash glue, so that my glitter can stick on the skin and last longer.

• Final touch - sparkling glitter goes on the glue. I used a fine eyeliner brush to apply glitter and swiped away the fallouts with a fan brush. Tightline the top and bottom waterlines with black eye kohl. For the bottom lash line use a matte red eyeshadow but don't forget to blend the color.

•  Finish the look by curling your lashes and applying a few generous coats of volumizing and lash-defining black mascara. If you feel, that mascara is not enough and you need even more drama, add a pair of false lashes. Don't forget to seal the deal with a makeup setting spray and make the glitter on your eyes last even longer. Use an intense berry lipstick for the lips, or opt-out for a slightly glossy nude lip look.

a close-up of a brown eye with a glamorous, red glitter eye look for Christmas

That's all for today, lovelies! I hope you liked this glittering holiday makeup look and my little step-by-step tutorial was somehow useful to you. How do you plan on celebrating your Christmas Eve this year? Are you going to spend this special day of a year in the company of your closest relatives or have a crazy night out with your friends? Or maybe you are going to have a very intimate and romantic dinner with your partner? I wish you have an amazing time and I'll talk to you very soon!

Lots of love,