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The wedding reception is always a time to let your hair down, and your choice of music (and DJ) could be the difference between a hit and an epic fail. It isn’t simply a question of playing any music and letting things develop on their own, as a skilled DJ can pick up the partygoers’ vibes and capitalize on that by introducing tracks that the people simply must dance to. Knowing your audience is the key to a successful DJ party session, and if you are soon to be hiring such a professional, here are some things to consider before making a commitment.

#1. Friendly And Outgoing Personality 

People want a DJ they can approach when at weddings, which makes you feel good about asking for requests, which is, after all, one of the roles of a DJ - to play the music that the party people like. Most professional DJs are very approachable and when you first meet to discuss your requirements, you will have a good idea regarding their personality and if it doesn’t feel right, then source another provider.

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#2. Broad Knowledge Of Music Genres

The sign of a good DJ is someone who knows about and follows all the major music styles. Far too many DJs are rigid with their playlists, opting for the more popular pop and dancefloor music, so make sure that the guy you are planning to use is well-clued up with all the major music styles. If you want to be sure of getting it right, contact Nova DJs' specialist wedding DJ hire service in Sydney or a reliable one near you and they will prepare a memorable evening of music that is guaranteed to hit the spot.

#3. Adaptability & Versatility

Anything can happen at a wedding reception and often does, which means the DJ should be able to improvise and adapt. A slightly inebriated guest might keep requesting the same song over and over, and a diplomatic DJ knows how to deal with such a scenario.

professional wedding DJ is working on arranging music for the party

#4. Attention to Little Details 

It is the DJ’s responsibility to ensure that the sound system is working correctly, and most would insist on a quick test before the event commences, just to make absolutely sure that all is well. The professional would have backup devices, in the event something decides to malfunction, and with a good idea of the participants’ musical preferences, would be ready to ignite the guests with the party feeling. If you need some help, there are great articles available online on how to arrange the perfect wedding, which is recommended reading for any budding event organizer.

#5. Affordability

A great DJ doesn’t have to cost a fortune and by shopping around and asking for a few quotes, you will get a general idea of the going rates. While price shouldn’t be your main focus, you do want value for money, and most DJs are reasonable with their pricing. In fact, many will continue well after the agreed time, especially if the party is still in full swing, and make sure that your agreement regarding time is crystal clear before agreeing to anything.

It takes a special kind of person to be a competent DJ, especially at wedding parties and by choosing someone with a proven track record in the industry, you are maximizing the chances of a great party.

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