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The winter months can play havoc with your hair, and if you already have dry hair it can be hard to keep luscious locks until Spring. With some simple adjustments to your routine and tips for how to moisturize dry hair we’ll help you keep your hair looking its best all winter long.

There are five important ways that you can care for your hair this winter, to ensure that it looks fabulous and shiny (especially if you have parties to attend this holiday season!). So, let's talk about every particular way in details.

1. Maintain a strict washing routine. There are a few important rules you should stick to when it comes to washing your hair in winter months:

  • Don’t wash it too often! If possible, reduce your hair washing days to one or two a week. 

  • You also want to make sure you don’t skip the conditioner step! Always use a moisturizing conditioner.

  • Have baths or showers that are lukewarm rather than hot.

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2. Take care when styling. To avoid any extra damage to your already dry hair and reduce the risk of addition breakage, you need to choose loose and easy hair style which require minimal heat and styling products. If you do need to heat style your hair, make sure you use a heat protection spray and minimal temperatures.

  • Plus: try and use styles which don’t need hair ties as these could cause damage to your tender hair when it’s dry.

3. Accessorize. To help protect your hair from the severe winter air make sure you cover it up! You can do this with stylish accessories such as hats and scarves; so, you don’t have to compromise fashion to care for your hair.

4. Keep up the moisturizing of your hair. Maintaining a natural moisture levels of your hair is crucial for its health. Here are few ways on how you can keep your hair moisturized:

  • Try using argan oil. Double check the label to ensure you use an argan oil product suitable for your hair type or ask your hairdresser for advice.

  • Once a week apply a hydrating mask. This will help your hair lock in the natural oils the winter air can so often strip away.

  • Pop a humidifier in your home. It may sound odd, but if you have heating appliances in your home, the air may be dry and so your hair will be too. A humidifier will counteract this issue, keeping your hair hydrated and healthy.

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5. Think about your diet. Did you know that the food you eat can affect the health of your hair? To make sure your hair remains healthy throughout the winter months ensure your diet includes foods rich in Vitamin C, A and E as well as iron. You can find these in a variety of foods including:

  • Fresh fruits

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Nuts

So, whether you need a good hair for holiday parties or simply needed to know how to moisturize dry hair during cold winter months, with these useful tips you can now take care of your hair through the winter. Do you have any useful suggestions or remedies on how to keep hair healthy?

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