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Prompt Shapewear Guide: Choose Your Perfect Body Shaping Armor

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photo by Jonathan Rados

Foundation garment, also known as shapewear, is a miraculous fashion item that can dramatically change the appearance of your outfit and even make a regular day a little bit better. According to the global market reports in the year 2018, the overall size of shapewear market was estimated at USD 2.26 billion and it is only going to expand further, earning the new target population. If you still don't own not a single piece of body-shaping undergarment but contemplating getting one, then you will definitely need some guidance! With the indispensable assistance of Loverbeauty, I'm going to tour you through the depths of shapewear realm. Are you ready to start off?

Black Lace Full Body Shape Wear

Inspecting The Location

A good-quality shapewear works just like a fine sculptor. It can create a beautiful three-dimensional work of art, concealing the unwanted areas while boosting up all the charms mother nature has provided you with. Thus, to choose the best bodysuit shapewear for your body shape and needs, first you need to decide what area of your body needs an extra boost. 

If you need a considerable body contouring, then you might want to concentrate your attention on a full-body shapewear. These kind of shapewear look and act just like a bodysuit, giving your body a necessary lift and all-over slimmer appearance. Having some extra delicacies on your waist and belly? Then try a special shaping tank top or a waist trainer - the last one well-known for their excellent effects on muffin tops!

For those of us, who need to flatter the bottom area, the finest minds of the fashion industry have created smoothing panties and shorts. They work wonders on the bottom area, contouring the inner part of the thighs, lower belly and lifting up the buttocks area. Have some extra fluff you'd like to shape on your leg area? No problem, special leggings will not only shape the booty and support tummy but will also feel like a second skin. They are simply perfect for gym and yoga classes!

Black Lace Full Body Shape Wear

The Importance Of The Force

Now, when you know what area you want to improve, it is time to decide how drastically you want the final outcome to look. There are three basic compression categories all shapewear garments are divided into: light, medium, and firm control. The light control shapewear look and feel almost unperceivable. They are seamless under the clothing and smooth out unwanted puffiness. The next level of compression is medium, for those who need extra help in shaping and contouring the curves. Smooth and stretchy material will restrict plump areas and guarantee the comfortable experience. And, the advanced level of control - the firm shapewear, created for the days when you want to look fantastic. Have a tight bodycon dress you want to wear for a special event? Firm shapewear with a high level of compression will support you through these special hours.

Plus Size Shape Wear

Curvy Adventures

Comfortable and sleek shapewear is a must-have for voluptuous ladies with delicious curves. Breathable plus size shapewear should be like your second skin - gently hug your curves, without creating any unwanted volume. If you like to wear shapewear on a daily basis, than you should consider picking a shaping tank top with a versatile v-neck cut. Another great option - high-waisted shaping panties. They feel more comfortable on a waist region, than waist trainer, yet give an instant slimming effect of 2-4 cm.The most important rule for everyday shapewear, is to choose the models with a special wide elastics which prevent the edges from rolling up.

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