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Sleeping should be on everyone’s priority list. Quality sleep is essential not only when sleeping alone but when sleeping with your partner. There is a lot of research on the benefits of sharing your bed with someone you love. When you sleep with someone you love, there are many benefits. From improving your overall health to improving your psychiatric well-being. Below are 7 more reasons why you should sleep next to someone you love.

1. Better Sleep Quality

Everyone hopes to get quality sleep, and not everyone gets it, especially people who sleep alone. Besides, you can have a quality home depot mattress and all the essentials in your bedroom. Yet, when you sleep beside someone you have a solid relationship with, it will put you on a path of good quality sleep. Studies show that women in stable relationships have fewer sleep disturbances and fall asleep faster. In comparison to women who are single or those in broken relationships.

2. Improves Relationships

When you sleep together with your partner, it will help you stay together by improving your relationship. So, if you want this advantage, you can focus more on snuggling in bed with your loved one. Also, when you sleep close to your partner. Not only does the quality of your relationship improve but your personality as well. The popular sleeping positions are back to back and spooning. Because of this proximity in bed, the relationship between you and your partner stays strong. Additionally, those who prefer skin-to-skin contact build an attachment to their partner.

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3. Fall Asleep Faster

Contrary to popular belief that the time you take to fall asleep does not matter as long as you fall asleep. Falling asleep faster is vital and helpful and sleeping with a partner helps. Also, there is a link between your overall sleep health and the time you take to fall asleep. Ten to twenty minutes is the usual amount of time that you should take to fall asleep for proper sleep health. In a case where it takes more than half an hour, the efficiency of sleep considerably drops. When you sleep alone, your brain wanders off easily, and you struggle to fall asleep, but your partner, they give you feelings of security, and you start relaxing and drift off easily.

4. You Become Happier

When you are physically close to someone, you feel happier. Plus, when you touch them, your body releases serotonin and dopamine hormones that curb depression and boost your mood. So, large amounts of dopamine make you feel pleasure. While those of serotonin contribute to happiness and well-being. Besides, serotonin converts into melatonin by the body after its produced. This hormone influences the sleep-wake cycle making you feel on a high when you wake up in the morning.

5. Improve Your Immune System

Sharing your bed with your partner leads to having enough sex, and it is good for your health. Couples who are actively intimate are more resistant to the flu and cold because they produce more antibodies. According to sexual health experts, when a couple is sexually active, they tend to take fewer sick days. This includes cuddling your partner as it will have you high on oxytocin and keep your immune system strong and balanced every time.

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6. Reduces Anxiety

An anxious person struggles to fall asleep or ends up getting a restless night. Thus, when you lay in bed with a loved one. It is beneficial for your psychological being. Skin-to-skin contact stops the production of the cortisol hormone, also known as the stress hormone. Thus, the brain sends signals to the adrenal glands. So touch is vital to reduce anxiety and make you more relaxed and prevent it from causing havoc to sleep.

7. Slows Down Aging

To feel and look more youthful is easy now, and it does not involve any cosmetics. All you need is to share a bed with someone you love. When you have quality time together, even just cuddling or having sex, will shed years of you. This is because under these conditions. You have low-stress levels, and your body feels much younger.

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