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Oral care, the overall health of your body, and beauty are closely connected together. A little-known fact is that orthodontics gives you not only a beautiful smile and alights your teeth and jaws. It also provides a positive effect on your facial features and even improves the condition of your skin in the long run. Still, it always links with a health condition, symmetry, proportions, and esthetics.

That is why, approximately eight months ago, I started my own journey to better teeth and jaw health. Getting braces is always overwhelming. It brings pain and discomfort, but at the same time braces improve an overall facial appearance. However, once you get a brace, it becomes harder to take care of oral hygiene. A regular toothbrush can't seem to reach all of the places around and between the teeth. 

Luckily for all of our metal-mouthed people, there are a ton of useful tools and gadgets that help with the cleaning. I want to introduce you to Meyarn — an irreplaceable helper in your healthy oral care. It is time to forget the traditional view on teeth care and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of the new high-end oral care products. Sounds interesting, isn't it? So, let's take a closer look at some of the most useful helpers for the braces journey.

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A Water Flosser, or Traditional Dental Floss? 

This is maybe one of the main questions for everyone who wears braces. Of course, traditional mental floss does its cleaning job good enough. However, there is always a space for improvement, and a portable water flosser can elevate your teeth cleaning experience to a whole new level of pureness. Unlike traditional string floss that is made of synthetic fiber, water floss doesn't contribute to plastic pollution. This is maybe one of my favorite advantages of water flossing.

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Wax the Savior

People with braces know the feeling of sharp cutting or annoying scratching of the cheek. This usually happens when archwires and ligatures poke into the soft tissue, creating all of these uncomfortable feelings. Dental wax is what comes to the rescue in critical situations like this. Wax 'isolates' the pokey trouble, giving your skin time to heal until the next orthodontic appointment.

Braces Care with Meyarn on January Girl blog curated by Liz Breygel.

The Smaller, the Better

Braces may create gaps between the teeth during the treatment. This situation is completely normal, yet gaps or orthodontists like to call them 'black triangles' may use some extra scrub. That's when a tiny interdental brush comes in handy. A regular toothbrush can't effectively reach all the smaller spaces between and behind the teeth. But an interdental brush was specially designed for the in-between areas. My teeth feel extra clean after I use a tiny brush like this.

Braces Care with Meyarn on January Girl blog curated by Liz Breygel.

After the Treatment

Teeth whitening is probably the most popular oral procedure around the globe. It is not surprising, as everyone likes the squeaky clean feeling and the bright appeal of the freshly-whitened teeth. Unfortunately, you can't whiten your teeth during the orthodontic treatment, as you may get an uneven result. Though, by the end of the braces journey, we all can make our smiles whiter. Teeth whitening pen is an affordable alternative to professional whitening. It is simple in usage and provides great results.

Whether you are planning on getting braces, had them in the past, or simply searching for new ways to improve your dental hygiene, Meyarn has got you covered in every aspect. Put aside the traditional dental tools, and welcome intelligent oral care to your life. Are you ready for this experiment?


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