a close up pciture of a beautiful interior
Photo: Vlada Karpovich

Does there never seem to be enough room in your living space? Having a cramped space can not only lead to plenty of headaches but the potential to miss out on opportunities with friends and family. No matter if your living room space is large or small, here’s how to maximize its space.

1. Incorporate Multi-Functional Furniture

A living room typically has a place for seating, a table, and possibly some bookshelves or a console table. When selecting your furniture for this room try your best to incorporate numerous uses out of just one piece.

For example, when you buy teak furniture in Australia, a coffee table that lifts up for added storage will be extremely helpful when putting away blankets or reading material.

2. Keep it Light and Bright

Using light colors within a neutral palette can make a space appear larger which is usually never a bad thing. Taking advantage of any natural light that comes into this space is also a way to bring in more light. Incorporating light colors into your living room will allow the natural sunlight to bounce off of these areas which in turn brings in a sense of warmth, ambiance, and comfort.

a close up pciture of a beautiful interior

3. Keep Items Off of The Floor

The least amount of items you can have on your floor is best as it creates an illusion of more space. When picking out furniture for your living room opt for pieces that have more height to them and allow you to see more of the floor to eliminate the feel of clutter. There are many benefits to decluttering, both mental and aesthetic.

4. Always Add Storage

You can never have too much storage. Whether you have children, pets, or just an extensive book collection, having a place to store these items is key. Choosing storage pieces that ultimately hide what is inside of them is ideal but visual storage can also be appealing if done correctly.

Items such as books, mementos, or pictures are some things you may choose to display. This is where bookshelves or side tables come in handy.

5. Add Statement Pieces

Having a large or unique item to distract the eye is also a good way to make any room look larger. Bold artwork, interesting light fixtures, or dramatic accent pieces is a great way to make your guests focus on these certain pieces.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a new home with a larger living room, plenty of Boston houses for sale may be exactly what you are looking for.

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