a close-up crop of woman's torso with jewelry on her neck and fingers
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Have you ever put on an outfit, and no matter how you look at it — it feels like something is missing? The final piece of the puzzle doesn’t seem to be leaping off the page to you, and you begin to second guess what you are wearing? The answer to this conundrum is often the jewelry you are accessorizing with — or the lack of them.

Correctly chosen jewelry can elevate your look to a whole new level of elegance and class. So long as you master what, how, and where to add these pieces. If you are having trouble accessorizing your looks with jewelry, here is how you can make this fashion task easier and more effortless.


With an all-black outfit, you can typically add anything you like in terms of metals and gemstones. Black and white offer an easy and receptive backdrop for all kinds of jewelry. When you start adding in colors like red, blue, yellow, and pink — you’ll quickly notice clashes in colors and styles of jewelry.

It will be more important than ever to distinguish between Platinum vs. White Gold; the slight tone variation will be noticeable. If you have an outfit built on neutral and muted tones, vibrant colored gems can overpower it. So it can be better to choose lighter colors or daintier styles.

close-up picture of a woman's ear with earrings
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As you choose your outfits, you are most likely choosing them for specific occasions – the same should be said for your jewelry. Let’s say you have an interview with a highly professional corporate brand. You are unlikely to wear giant party pieces and slogans on your jewelry. The bright and bold might detract from what you are talking about. Everyday outfits can be dressed up or dressed down as you please since there are no rules for dressing daily. Although most often, your jewelry should match if you are going for a laid-back look.


The neckline of a button-down shirt and the neckline of a jumper or t-shirt will be different. Since they are different, they will require a different necklace to complement them. It is a good idea to choose a chain that follows the neckline of your top.

Ideally, you want your necklace to stop a few inches above your neckline. When stacking necklaces, you should make sure you have tried them on in advance to know that they all sit well together and have a little space between each one. A premade necklace stack can help you with the right proportions and spacing.

close-up of woman's neck with layered necklaces
Photo: Jasmin Chew


Jewelry allows you to define the style that you are going for. Perhaps you are looking to create a '20s-inspired classic chic look — your jewelry can help you achieve that. However, if you want to lean into a boho influence, you will likely mix wood, metals, and fabrics to create a unique look. If you are having trouble accessorizing your looks with jewelry, here is how you can make this fashion task easier and more effortless with help of Nikola Valenti.

You can add an instant edge to your outfit by opting for chunky rings, thick necklaces, and many bold pieces. Keep it paired back with dainty bands and thin chains for a more sophisticated look. The bold and chunky jewelry makes the perfect accompaniment to a street style. 

Final Thoughts

Accessorizing with jewelry can elevate and enhance your overall look in a matter of seconds. A dull, everyday look turns into a classical ensemble with a help of a few bright elements. For the best results make sure to consider all of the factors above. Include your personal style, the occasion, the neckline of your outfit, and the color of your clothing.

It's important to find a balance when accessorizing with jewelry. While it can be tempting to pile on the accessories, it's best to stick to a few statement pieces rather than overwhelming your outfit with too much jewelry.

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