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Engagement rings are a big purchase. You're going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, which is why you want something that will suit you and your personality perfectly. Here are several different designs for an engagement ring. Each serves an important purpose, and each will make you and your loved one feel special.

  • The Classic Ring

The classic ring is the most common choice for an engagement ring. This ring tends to be small, simple, and conservative. You don't want your girlfriend to think you're too much of a "diamond dog" for a big, sparkly showpiece from the local jeweler's store.

The classic ring is usually the second-most expensive choice for an engagement ring. This is because the diamond has to be cut into that perfect shape and then set on a metal band. The setting and the top of the diamond aren't going to be cheap, either. You're paying for cutting and polishing (and paying more than you normally would) in addition to the price of the stone itself.

  • The Jewelry Box Ring

The jewelry box ring is similar to the classic ring but with a couple of differences. The top of the diamond is slightly smaller, as well as the surrounding area. This means that the diamond will be slightly less visible and stick out less than you'd expect. On the other hand, this gives it a more feminine look and it suits an engagement ring perfectly.

The metal band may be slightly wider or thinner than on a classic engagement ring. This looks more expensive without making the ring too big or heavy.

close-up of couple's hands holding each other

  • The Diamond Stacking Rings

This is the best design engagement ring; it is also called a "four stone" ring. It consists of two round stones and two marquise-shaped diamonds that are carefully placed back to back in alternating rings, increasing the eyes-on-the-sides interest level.

There's no doubt that this style of engagement ring is more eye-catching than a classic or jewelry box ring, and it suits most women very well. It's a beautiful ring that has the perfect combination of a traditional feel while still being unique.

  • The Multifaceted Ring

The multifaceted ring is different from the classic, jewelry box, and diamond stacking rings because it's not made out of one solid piece of metal. Instead, this ring is made up of many small pieces that fit together to make one big ring. When fit together correctly, this multi-piece design gives the best design engagement ring that's very eye-catching and somewhat unusual.

  • The Three Stone Ring

This design offers the same kind of unique, but simple sparkle as the multifaceted ring. The only difference is that instead of having many small pieces that fit together, it consists of three diamonds that sit on top of each other. If you're going for a classic look, choose a ring made out of a single diamond surrounded by smaller stones and bands. If you want a little more sparkle, you might try a ring with three diamonds.

Let's summarize...

It's important to choose a design that suits your personality and interests. The above examples will help you make a perfect choice. All of these beautiful engagement rings are designed to express the same message. They're all symbols of commitment and love, so why not go with one that best fits your relationship?

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