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Since the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been devoting vacations to their homeland. The reasons for that are many. For example, there are high prices for long-distance flights, the necessity to pass tests, and positive results, Also, the willingness to see the homeland. What will tourism look like this year? People would surely admire visiting freed Ukraine. Apart from that, we suppose that the tendency for inner road trips will continue. Thus, catch these top five cities in the United States for your unforgettable summer vacation!

  • Key West, Florida

The summer means a lot of sun and fun. Thus, we are reminded of the most cheerful state on the shores, Florida. Yet, all the inland cities are almost the same, they call visitors to the beach, shopping malls, or amusement parks. What might be more unique? We reply to the Key West, the southernmost point of almost 20 square km and surrounded by water. That is a stunning beach resort and the capital of the Florida Keys. 

two palms in Key West, Florida
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The resort is unlike any other city in the world – everyone here is so good-natured, relaxed, and happy every day. The wonderful climate, nature, and ocean with insanely beautiful coral reefs that you can enjoy with a Key West Snorkeling adventure will make you seriously want to stay in this paradise. Every year there is a festival dedicated to the memory of Ernest Hemingway. The brightest event of the holiday is the competition of the writer's doubles, who come here from all over the world.

You can get to this island by plane, attend the Alamo rent a car USA, and keep on driving your wheels back to inland Florida on the Overseas Highway. You will drive across the chain of 46 islands and through numerous bridges and embankments. The stunning view you will see can be hardly described in words!

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

Plan to see the distant lands of Hawaii. Get there on the wind of your air company and switch to the vehicle. Alamo rental car USA service is also available there. You can not observe the island without doing that.

Honolulu is the largest city in the U.S. state of Hawaii. Among the many museums and cultural offerings, Honolulu has the only royal palace, Iolani Palace, in the United States. It is also a gastronomic paradise where you can find everything from cheap noodles to high Pacific fusion cooking. Walk along Waikiki Beach, relax on the sand, play with the waves, listen to Hawaiian music, and watch the hula dancers move as they greet the dawn.

Attend Bishop's Museum, the finest Polynesian Anthropological Museum. You will see outstanding cultural specimens, including the Royal Hawaiian Hall. The Science and Adventure Center offers children the opportunity to experience the heart of a volcanic eruption. Do not forget to call ahead for the Planetarium schedule.

Houston, Texas

That is a Texas city that is known around the world as the NASA Manned Space Flight Center. That is where people go when they have a problem. However, this time we will look for a great vacation there. With its very hot and humid climate, Houston is still a city of business so you will get a mix of holiday and everyday routine of locals. You will not divide this city into zones. 

city panorama in Houston, Texas
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That is so you can easily meet a Vietnamese grocery store, a Venezuelan empanada buffet, and an expensive Texas butcher's shop on the same street. That multi-cultural mix of nations and culture enrich any traveler's horizons. If you decide to rent a car (with Alamo, sure), you may freely go outside the city. There are the Space Center and the Gulf of Mexico beaches on the barrier island of Galveston. Besides, 40 km southeast of Houston, if you go along the 45 interstate and then along the NASA highway, is the Center for Manned Space Flight. Lyndon Johnson.

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

Summer is a time not only for beaches but inland travel too. We suggest a small city nestled in a valley surrounded by the Wasatch and Oquirr mountains, the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. Since it was founded, it lived following the theological teachings of the Mormons. Now it is a rich city with magnificent shopping centers and summer cafes. Impressive monuments to the courage of the pioneers give tourists hints about the heroic past. 

Geographic isolation has awakened a rich cultural life here. The latter is associated with ballet, choral music, and art exhibitions. Thus, come and hit the local roads from Alamo car rental to know more about the history and customs of the United States.

  • Tampa, Florida

This is a great place to visit together with kids! There are great amusement parks with rides, zoos with exotic animals, and fun interactive museums. Along the Hillsborough River, the Tampa Riverwalk stretches for 4 km. It contains some of the main attractions of the city. It often hosts festivals, exhibitions, parades, and adventure events for children. Coming here in the late afternoon, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the river.

a view to the cinema building in Tampa, Florida
Photo: David Hunter

With wheels or public transportation, you can get to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. That is a unique location 16 km from the city center, which houses an amusement park and one of the largest zoos in North America. Use our tips and locations to enrich your journey. We wish you an unforgettable vacation!

Final Thoughts...

Looking to plan an unforgettable summer vacation in the United States? Whether you're seeking beachside relaxation, vibrant city life, or outdoor adventures, these destinations will satisfy your dreams. From the stunning coastlines of Florida to the majestic mountains of Salt Lake City, there's something to suit every traveler's taste. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to explore these amazing cities that promise a summer vacation you won't soon forget.

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