garden plate with a saying on it: as i work on my garden my garden works on me
Photo: Mike Erskine

Gardening isn't just about cultivating plants; it's a transformative journey that goes beyond the beauty of blossoming flowers and homegrown vegetables. Planting flowers and herbs, removing weeds, and watering your plants have a major transformative therapeutic impact, offering unexpected benefits for both body and mind. In today's blog post, we will explore five surprising advantages of this relaxing hobby.

  • Working together with nature:

Gardening, for some, may seem like the art of orchestrating nature. It involves sculpting trees and shrubs, and skillfully mowing the lawn to create aesthetically pleasing patterns. There are some services that are best handled by professionals in the area, such as tree service in Gold Coast. It is important to have your trees tended every year.

  • Connection will the earth:

Believe it or not, gardeners and plant lovers claim that the act of touching the soil grounds them and helps them feel more connected to the natural world. And there’s a lot to be said about it. We need to understand our heritage and the fact that we have always had a solid connection with nature means. That is how we feel at home, when we are knee-deep in the earth, planting trees and shrubs.

  • 21st-century living:

Most of us live in cities and the only garden you can have is a window box on your apartment balcony, which is better than nothing. If you live in a condo development and yearn for a garden, check out the amazing vertical gardens available online; ideal for small balconies. If you are a career girl, focus on the future, when you have a house in the country with a fantastic garden one day, your dream will be a reality. Don't forget to read one of my previous articles about, if you love combining your gardening hobby with sunbathing.

four small gardening pots close to a window with succulents growing in them

  • Refocus your mind:

When you are planting shrubs or cutting the grass, you are focused on the task at hand, which means you’re not thinking about work and the challenges you face. If your work stresses you out, why not start a small organic garden? You'll always have some fresh herbs and veggies for your table and get a much-needed connection with the earth.

  • Garden maintenance services:

Some career women simply do not have the time to manage their garden, most would hire a local contractor to cut the grass, weed the flower beds, trim the hedges, and sweep the paths and driveway. The contractor bills you monthly and when you wake up in the morning after a late-night meeting, your garden doesn’t look like a jungle.

Let's finalize...

If your mental health and stress levels are over the top, try taking a weekend break in the country; Hunter Valley is not far away and you can stay in a remote cottage and enjoy long walks. Working all the hours is only possible if you have a strong immune system and gardening can help you attain good health and wellbeing while giving you a sense of achievement. 

The therapeutic power of gardening surely extends far beyond the aesthetic appeal of a well-tended outdoor place. It encompasses a holistic approach to wellbeing, addressing physical, mental, and social aspects of health. As more people discover the surprising benefits of this timeless hobby, gardening continues to emerge not only as a means of cultivating plants but also as a pathway to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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