close-up of Witch Piggy Marine Collagen Ample Serum by Elizavecca on a rose-gold fur

Do you use hydrolyzed collagen in your skincare routine? Well, consider today's review a sign to start using one! Unlike traditional collagen, which struggles to penetrate the skin, hydrolyzed (aka broken down into small peptides) collagen has a lower molecular weight, allowing for deeper absorption and potentially better results.

Today we are going to take a closer look at one of the most iconic serums by Elizavecca – the Witch Piggy Marine Collagen Ample – a serum infused with powerful ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and adenosine. This cult favorite promises to plump and enhance your skin's natural glow – but does it live up to the hype? Stay tuned to find out!

close-up of Witch Piggy Marine Collagen Ample Serum by Elizavecca on a rose-gold fur

About Witch Piggy Hell Pore Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen Serum* is a facial serum made by the Korean beauty brand Elizavecca. It is formulated with 95% hydrolyzed marine collagen and infused with anti-aging adenosine. Serum is developed to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and hydrate the skin. Marine Collagen Serum belongs to the With Piggy Hell Pore skincare line, which is famous for its innovative ingredients, cute packaging, and super-hydrating power.

  • Packaging:

Just look at this cutie! The cardboard packaging is an eye-catcher with its creative font and sea-piggy. Elizavecca is known and cherished for its appealing cardboard designs, and hopefully, the brand will continue this awesome tradition.

The product itself comes in a classic glass bottle with a dropper featuring the same adventurous piggy on the label. Convenient and easy to use, just drop the necessary amount of serum onto your skin and spread it all over your face and neck.

  • Texture and scent:

The Elizavecca Witch Piggy Marine Collagen Serum has a thick, gel-like texture with an attractive pink hue. Upon application, the serum melts and absorbs into the skin, leaving no sticky residue on the surface. While described as having a fruity scent, the serum reminds me of sea salt and vitamin supplements. The fragrance is quite mild and overall pleasant.

What I appreciate most is the product's lightweight feel on the skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving a light layer of hydration without any greasiness. There is no greasy, jelly, or runny feel to the product. It's truly satisfying to experience a skincare product that pampers your skin in such a nice way. I would describe it as a fine dessert for the skin, instead of a heavy full-course meal. 

  • Ingredients:

This gem is packed with skin-beneficial ingredients, so let's take a closer look at some of them. First, I want to highlight the "fruit and herbal cocktail." Here, we have hyacinthus orientalis (hyacinth) extract, used in skincare for its conditioning and wound-healing properties. Next is salvia sclarea extract, boasting antioxidant action and vitamin E. Finally, Centaurea cyanus flower extract offers calming and soothing properties. 

Together with these plants, the fruit-smoothie mixture includes Grape, Cranberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pomegranate...and so on! Elizavecca claims to pack 10 red fruits into the formula for the extra boost of antioxidant action and wrinkle reduction.

an opened bottle of marine  collagen serum demonstrating the texture of the product

What is Marine Collagen?

Of course, the star ingredient of the Witch Piggy Marine Collagen Ample is hydrolyzed marine collagen. It takes 95% of the whole formula! To be honest, I have never used such a peculiar ingredient in my skincare routine. Unlike synthetic collagen, marine collagen is derived from shellfish and other marine creatures. It holds wound-healing and regenerating properties, in addition to improving skin elasticity and enhancing the overall structure of skin.

Marine collagen is a popular ingredient both in medicine and skincare, thanks to its high biocompatibility. Unlike bovine-derived collagen, marine collagen is considered to be a much safer alternative, with little to no disadvantages. 

What is Adenosine?

Adenosine is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body and is also used as an ingredient in many skincare products, such as Marine Collagen Ample by Elizavecca. Adenosine holds several potential benefits for the skin. For instance, some studies suggest that adenosine can help boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity, leading to a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Adenosine also has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm irritated skin, additionally, it helps to improve the skin's natural analogy to retain moisture, contributing to a plumper and more hydrated appearance.

texture and color of Witch Piggy Marine Collagen Ample Serum by Elizavecca on woman's skin

How to Use Hydrolized Collagen Serum in Skincare?

Wondering how to incorporate marine collagen serum into your skincare routine. You should certainly start with a clean face and neck. Wash your face and neck to remove any leftover makeup and greasiness. Dab your face with a soft paper towel, leaving the skin slightly damp. Then apply a few drops of Elizavecca serum to the skin, 2-3 drops are typically enough for your entire face and neck. 

If you feel like more serum is needed, you can add more. Gently spread the serum evenly using your fingertips. Avoid pulling or dragging the skin. For better absorption, pat the serum on the skin with your finger. Follow the serum with your favorite moisturizer. I like using Pure Shea Butter on the days when my skin feels extra dry. Moisturizer helps lock in hydration and prevent your skin from drying out.


Final Verdict

As I've mentioned before, marine collagen is a peculiar ingredient. If you are allergic to shellfish and seafood, you shouldn't incorporate it into your skincare routine without patch testing and consultation with a specialist. However, I found some controversial information on Google, stating that you can still use marine collagen on your skin. But, better safe than sorry!

To see noticeable wrinkle-reducing results, you need to use Elizavecca Marine Collagen Ample for at least a few months. I just started using this product, and so far, I'm satisfied! Some reviewers on Amazon complained about experiencing breakouts, but I haven't experienced any new pimples on my face. There's no redness or irritation, just hydrated, radiant, and healthy skin

The hydrating power is so good, that I don't always feel like applying moisturizer after the Marine Collagen Ample. It feels hydrating enough on its own! And the feeling on the skin is so satisfying, so pleasantly natural like it should have always been this way.